it has been going on for a month and i just cannot do it. it is so disgusting and filthy, and i would NEVER live with someone who wasn't vegetarian, but that isn't my house so it wasn't my choice. i've never had to live with anyone who wasn't vegetarian (my siblings and cousins only usually eat chicken, which smell isn't too offense nor does it cause me to gag upon sight as much as the others).

i just lose my appetite, i was just making something, and now this other person has decided to make something from a cow. i am glad i do not cook with any of those pans because i would be infuriated.

i have been a vegetarian all my life, so my reactions to animal products (gagging, nauseous, complete disgust and lost of appetite) are probably different from everyone else's. but just curious, how is it for everyone else?

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i think you should see the other discussion i just started about vegetarian pets

Luckily my husband and I became vegans together 43 years ago.   But I can relate to your reactions.   I find the smell of others homes and also supermarkets etc to resemble the smell of abbatoirs  where they kill animals.    

there a lot of places i cannot stand to go into, and supermarkets and people's homes are some of them

and i hope to have a large garden like yourself one day, it is my inspiration how you and your husband live off your own food

I don't mind. They do what they think is right (or tasty :S )  I just sit and eat my healthy veggie food and people see me smiling, being positive and being energetic.

I find the smell of meat offensive, but I can't ask people to not eat it. I do, however ask that they clean up their mess in the kitchen after they are done cooking. 

man, sorry to say it like that, but you are narrow-minded. people eating meat are not filthy or stuff like that. cook your own stuff and them eat their stuff and be happy with the fact that you do something good for animals. but don't treat people eating meat like second class humans. vegetarians like you were the reason why it took me so long to do that step, because i didn't want to count me to those kind of self-righteous people. sorry to be that offensive, but i simply can't stand this kind of view.

then you seem to be judgmental!

I guess you live in a place where eating meat is so common, that you cannot understand how a person (who has been shunning meat all his life) would feel at the sight of meat.

Let me give you an example. Say a person has all his life been living in a country where execution of criminals is illegal and then he goes to a country where criminals are executed for petty crimes. Under these circumstances, there will definitely be a strong reaction from that person.

For many vegetarians/vegans (especially the ones who have been so all their life), meat amounts to murder.

Like Mahatma Gandhi would say: "To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being."

I'm renting a room in a family house and there are three more poeple who eat meat. I don't mind about it. I don't really like the smell when they cook meat but I just keep the door of my room shut and I'm okey. :) I mean it's up to everyone's choice what to eat so living with meat-eatters it's not a big deal for me. I believe it's completely different situation in your possition as you said you have been vegetarian your whole life so if it is so tough for you to cope with living surounded by non-vegetarians, don't sacrifice yourself so badly. Just catch up with nice vegeterian people and rent a flat. You'll be able to hold your own vegeterian parties then! :D

it was a nightmare :(

I suffered for a year :( Two of my roomates were non vegetarians and used to cook meat very often. I used to close my nose and sometimes not even eat anything on the days they cooked meat. They are nice people though!

After that year I decided I would either live alone or with a vegetarian roomate.

^^ I am not finally getting incredibly, unbearably sick at the smell of meat, I empathize 100%! I dream of a meat-free residence ^-^!


For someone who has eaten meat most of their life and only recently became a vegetarian about 4 years ago, and mostly eats vegan except when I have to eat at my grandmother’s house once a week, (then I will eat dairy and sometimes egg in order to avoid confrontation) the smell of meat does not really bother me. Maybe because I am the only vegetarian in my family or maybe because I grew up basically in my grandfather’s sandwich shop and then worked at concession stands for about 6 years (even while I was a vegetarian). My favorite thing was when one of my employees would say but miss I ain’t touching that, it’s nasty. And I would say how do you think I feel I am a vegetarian, however it never bothered me because I myself was not consuming or buying it.  I believe being the only vegetarian in my family has to be the biggest key though. I know how annoyed I get when my family or friends try to “inform” me on the so called “negative” decisions of my lifestyle (by the way they are all misinformed and need to do some research haha) so I don’t try to lecture them about their own. I found that the less I mention about how gross their food is to me, the less they do things like wave bacon in my face. I would like to believe that I could lecture someone on this topic and they suddenly want to become vegetarian (and believe me I used to try to when I first switched) however I now believe they have to come to this realization on their own or by researching it or encountering the cruelty behind the business that one can become detached from, otherwise they feel as though you are passing judgment on them or feel yourself superior. I just try to remember that everyone has their own views and I cannot pass judgment because I myself am far from perfect. A quote from the wise, “You can’t tell me who I am, cause I’m working on that too, what’s right for me just aint right for you” ~SOJA~

My entire family are carnivores, I've only been veg for about 7 months but I know exactly how you feel I get so nauseous when I smell flesh cooking it's be so great to have vegetarian roomies I find myself eating scraps or just not eating if we don't go grocery shopping.


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