it has been going on for a month and i just cannot do it. it is so disgusting and filthy, and i would NEVER live with someone who wasn't vegetarian, but that isn't my house so it wasn't my choice. i've never had to live with anyone who wasn't vegetarian (my siblings and cousins only usually eat chicken, which smell isn't too offense nor does it cause me to gag upon sight as much as the others).

i just lose my appetite, i was just making something, and now this other person has decided to make something from a cow. i am glad i do not cook with any of those pans because i would be infuriated.

i have been a vegetarian all my life, so my reactions to animal products (gagging, nauseous, complete disgust and lost of appetite) are probably different from everyone else's. but just curious, how is it for everyone else?

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Its hard I live in a house with seven people and I am the only one. 

when you live on your own you're gonna feel so free :D

I've been vegi most of my life (since I was five) and although my parents weren't vegi (my mum's a pescatarian) we never kept any meat in the house. It's strange that you don't mind the smell of chicken as much because I find that one of the most offensive smells (even the thought of the smell!). Yuck! Maybe it merely is a case that you're less sensitive to the smell because you've grown up in a family that did eat chicken?

I've just come out of a long relationship with a girl who was vegi and I can't stomach contemplating living with someone who eats meat and puts slaughtered animals in the fridge. I've got no words of advice but I can tell you it's the same for me!

oh i take that back, the last time i was around chicken was a year ago, when the chicken was being prepared in the kitchen in, i smelled it all the way in my room. then when it was being cooked i couldn't go in the kitchen the rest of the day, it really was horrible! it's been such a long time i forgot

oh i couldn't even kiss someone who eats meat! i don't know how you did it!

I haven't!  Not for a long time...if ever!  I've always made it clear to women that I wouldn't if they'd eaten meat in the last 24 hours.  That's made me popular in the past - as you can imagine!  Really messed up the sex, drugs, and rock n roll aspect of my teens too.  That and not being a drug user :-P

Can't disagree about the chicken.  The thought of the smell just doesn't make me feel good at all!

omg haha! that's what i always said i would do! but i would have to go make them go for much longer than a day followed by beginning an herbal detox lol! oh we're so similar! i've never been a drug user either

I know 24 hours doesnt seem like enough sometimes! Thinking date two would never happen after suggesting they detox. Ha!

Only signed up yesterday but already I like that there are people sharing thoughts only I thought I had. That's refreshing after being vegi for so long!

that's exactly how i feel and i signed up yesterday too! i thought i was the only one!!

It's not too bad for me at the moment. I was a meat-eater for the majority of my life, but I do recognize that since going vegan, the smell of meat and cheese makes me feel very sick and disgusted. Ugh, my Dad likes to make anchovy sandwiches and all kinds of gross stuff, nothing is worse to me than the overpowering stench of dead fish. Typically I eat at very different hours though, so I can avoid the smelly aftermaths, and my carnivore family is very good about cleaning up after themselves. I'm probably the messiest person in my house. I do worry about how I'll handle the smell on holidays though, blech.

do you still eat with them at times?

Hm not really. The only time we eat together is if I'm the one who cooked, or if we order a vegan pizza from this nearby place that's it. I guess Thanksgiving this year will be the first time I'll have to work something out lol

I still cook meat in the house for my dogs (I cannot bring myself to buy them commercial canned food). They have their own separate cook wear too. I couldn't tolerate the smell of beef. That was the only one that made me feel sick. I only cook them chicken and turkey now and am okay with the smell.

Since going veg, I have a hard time sharing utensils that touched meat. I would never let meat touch our plates or utensils--but I cannot control that when we go out to eat (which I try to avoid). This is something people cannot seem to understand even if they are accepting of vegetarianism. Our neighbors cannot understand why we have to lay foil on their grill if we're having a BBQ with them, and my parents don't understand why when I stay with them I do not want to use their pots and pans to cook with. They seem to find that stranger than just eating veg! Even when the dog walker comes over, I am disgusted if she picks up the dog's meat spoon and puts it with our dishes! That is a big no no.


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