Hi everyone,

I'm a vegan for about a year now and I feel great about it. I would never want to change my diet again.

Besides the dominant ethical reasons for me to be vegan I am also proud to feel healthier with my diet than I did when I was a vegetarian and ate a lot of cheese, eggs etc. Because I avoid animal products, I also don't take additional cholesterol, which I thought was good. But because of a cold, I went to a doctor lately, who also checked my blood and warned me because my blood cholesterol level was that low. I am now wondering whether cholestrol is that important for a healthy way of living and whether I should do something about it. Does anybody of you know? Would be quite helpful ;) Thank you

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Low blood cholesterol is good. It is what we call a non-essential, meaning that your body already creates the amounts it needs. I know this because I'm studying to be an RD, and it is stated pretty emphatically within the nutrition community. 

Avocados don't have cholesterol. Cholesterol can only be found in animal products.

They are super delicious and good for you. Avocados get a bad rap though, simply because they are full of healthy fats. One of the best things you can eat! Kudos :)! Dude your cholesterol is probably miraculous compared to other people, haha! It shocks doctors always because most of their patients have extremely high cholesterol, healthy levels are so rare. xo


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