My friend  recently decided he wanted to become a vegetarian. I have been supporting him and giving him recipes and ideas on how to be vegetarian. He often texts me and complains about bullies teasing him and calling him a girl for wanting to become a vegetarian. So does anyone have advice for me to give him so he stays a vegetarian with confidence :)

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Coooook for him! Make something delicious. Show him pics of vegan body builders LOL.

Lol I looked up celebrities who are Vegan/Vegetarian and I sent it to him. He doesn't live near by me so I send him recipes instead. One day if I can I will cook him a delicious meal.

Invite him to join us on this site..... I believe a lot of vegetarians here will support him. 

I need to know what is his reason on going vegetarian, on a diet, religious reason, or because he loves animals. Just ask him to focus on what reason he decide to become a vegetarian. Good luck for him.

I did invite him Idk if he signed up yet!


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