help me! I'm not eating meat and I'm worried I'm at risk of getting a protein deficency again.

I haven't been eating meat and I don't know what to do. My parents can't buy veg products for me because its appearently too expensive for them (its actually cheap, but its expensive for them). I'm worried more about my health then my parents are. My parents worry about me since I don't eat meat. But its boiling down to this point again where I can't stand it anymore. I cant wait anymore. My compassion and kindness wins and there is nothing I can do. I guess if I'm so worried then I should eat eggs everyday to get my protein. Or I should just chew protein supplements for the rest of the years I live in this house until I can go veg and eat burgers and stuff again. I mean, I really don't know what to do. There is no healthy animal protein in this world. Not even seafood is healthy. In fact its probably worse then antibiotics in meat. As bodies of water are polluted and we can't clean the water up cause no one gives a care except for us vegs. Anyway can you guys help me please? I really do not want to get another protein deficency again this year. But again, veg products can't be bought so soy, veggie burgers, and what not are out of the answer for protein. Thank you for all vegs who answer. I'm going to need it for sure. And to save myself from malnutrition.

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The best protein sources are not animal products.  Nuts and seeds are not really expensive and beans are not expensive at all.  There is protein in pretty much everything you eat and protein from plants is much better for you than any animal products.  Do some research on this. You will be fine.  I haven't eaten meat in about 3 years and I hardly eat eggs at all.  Maybe about 2 times a year.  Protein should be the the least of your worries.

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First of all u need to relax Jamie. I too have been eating a full vegetarian diet since 2005 and never bothered too much about protein and all such stuff. Have a lot of vegetables and fruits, pulses, soya and ur diet chart is not less than any meat eater. Dont take it only as compassion wins and uve been deprived of a balanced deit. Eat all types of vegetables and fruits as much as possible and u will not lose out on anything. I have also no deficinecy in body ever since becoming a vegetarian. So just enjoy ur new found vegetarian meal and say cheers.

Jamie, If you're that worried about protein have a look for a seitan recipe. That is very high in protein and the ingredients are more widely available in the US. Although this shouldn't be something you rely on to get your entire nutrients, A varied and balanced diet should be the aim.

Seitan is also unsuitable if you are gluten intolerant.   


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