Names Nichole and I reside in San Diego… I have connected to this site via facebook… I've checked out the site a few times without joining, until just an hour ago when I finished watching a documentary on being Vegan. I would like to ultimately transition to that lifestyle.. Joining this site in hopes that it will help me connect with people that can point me in the right direction. :) Feel free to say hello! 

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Hello Nichole, welcome to join us on VF site. 

I am Xiao Kang from Indonesia. Hope this site help you on your transition to become vegan, as  I believe people on this site will help you to turns vegan. 

Thank you Xiao! I hope so too… I'm ready for the journey! 

Hello Nichole :) I believe we've already chatted in the chat room! Glad again you've joined! 

Hello :) Thank you. 

im new too i dont know how to write a post i just know how to reply 

haha… nice to meet you Anya! 

Hi Nichole; pleased to meet you here. I'm new to this group and I'm also a new vegetarian..just 3 days!

Three days! Good luck :) …here is you ever like to chat! 


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