Hello to all fellow vegetarians!
My name is laura and i am from Birmingham, UK. I have just discovered this site through facebook and its fab to see so many like minded people :-)

I have been vegetarian for about 7 years and have recently cut out dairy and began to look at a vegan diet. I did originally become vegetarian for dietary reasons, but I could never go back due to my feelings now on the farming industry and production methods.

I love being vegetarian
I aspire to be vegan

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Welcome Laura :)
Thanks sarah :-)
No problem :)

Welcome Laura :) I also lives in Birmingham..

I have been a vegetarian for almost 20 yrs. Just started being a vegan!

Hello namit! That's cool you're from brum too!! Don't suppose you know any good veggie/vegan friendly restaurants?!
Hi susan! Fab you've been veggie so long! I'm trying really hard to be vegan! My partners mum keeps chickens and I do occasionally eat their eggs. They are really well looked after and have a good sized field to roam in :-) I have completely cut dairy out though and actually found it pretty easy, except from eating out!

Hey Laura, Just noticed you are from Solihull. I work in Solihull and stay nearby:)

In Solihull, Delhi Restaurant is good option to get some veg food but only if you could eat hot Indian food. I have not seen any other good vegetarian restaurant in Solihull. There is one Jyoti restaurant on stratford road which serves only veg food but their food taste is just ok...

That's cool! I both live and work in solihull!! I've been to jyoti which I remember thinking wow amazing to have so many options!!!! But at the same time It was quite mild. I love spicy food so will definitely check out the Delhi restaurant! Thanks for that :-)

Welcome aboard! I used to live in Bridgnorth so not too far from Brum.

Hi Sam. Thankyou :-)

Today I found a wonderful veggi eatery in Birmingham. Called the Warehouse Cafe. Awesome burgers and  a lovely cup of mulled apple or something. Right next to a veggi shop.

Hi jme! That's cool I think I went there a few years ago and it wasn't that good then. Sounds like its better now though so I'll give it another go!! Where's the veggie shop? I had read online about a place called 100% vegan but couldn't seem to find it :-(


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