Hi, I am a brand new Vegetarian (about three weeks) looking for new friends. I'm a nerd, a nature buff, I love to garden, and write when I can. I am a fan of Doctor Who, Bobs Burgers, Thirty Rock, etc.

My hubby is not a veg, so I still cook meat for him at home, but I have decided to give it up myself. I don't plan on becoming full vegan, though I have mad respect for those who can, but I would eventually like to phase out dairy. 

My reasoning for becoming veg is mostly about health. I was recently told my blood pressure was a little high, and since I'm only in my twenties, it worried me. I'm also overweight. I would lose about ten pounds pretty rapidly on Atkins (cringe, I know) and gain twenty following, when I inevitably failed on it. My hormones also have been crazy for the past few years, no doubt due to all the hormones added to the meat and dairy I was consuming.  Forks over Knives was the doc that changed my views on health and diet. I also watched Earthlings and it changed the way I viewed the meat industry. 

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself here and send love to all of you. I look forward to getting to know some wonderful vegs and vegans in the future :)

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