Have you ever been treated like you're stupid because you're vegetarian/ vegan?

So heres the thing, it doesn't matter that I am a high school graduate, going to college to major in math and computer science, I have friends that treat me like I am absolutely ignorant and even retarded. They will tell me things like "humans were meant to eat meat or we wouldn't be able to digest it" or "milk doesn't hurt the cow so what you are doing is pointless and ignorant". I was even told by one of my friends who happens to be a high school drop out even had the nerve to tell me that "vegetarians are some of the stupidest people because they don't even realize that they are omnivores...uhh yanno eat meat." Exactly how it was put. So enough of the rant half. Do you guys ever feel like people treat you like complete retards because you have a different lifestyle? If so how do you handle this? I just walk away but I'm not sure if that's a silent agreement of yeah, I'm stupid. So help a fellow veggie out because this does bother me a great deal.

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lol I have tried that but I have this thing about me, Im a very forgiving person and it kind of screws me over at times.

No, it just shows you're better than them. People I have noticed feel very threatened by vegetarians and vegans- I've no idea why, our diets are our own business. They think that WE think we know better (we do)- so they feel the need to try and put us in our place with their stupid information. Don't let it get to you. If it was really such a ridiculous concept, they'd scoff not try and challenge you constantly. They only win if you give up on what you believe in. They believe what they are told.

I think its sad that instead of doing something with their life they resort to calling us stupid and I am afraid that, that is how the majority views vegans. Instead of looking at the facts of being a vegetarian or vegan they are giggling at peoples accusations of us being stupid. I just hope that this kind of thing does not stop a person from becoming a vegan. 

I know exactly what you mean Lauren! I, for some reason, have to point out that it's not much different than a gluten-free diet or whatever - that it's just a type of dietary restriction.

It's the same that happens with fanatic religious people vs atheism, people get defensive and offended by the idea that they might be living by a lie.

haha I like this alot and Im pretty sure most of the little prissy ones who do this would't eat a raw veggie much less meat

Uh these people don't know the difference between vegan and pagan...seriously one of them asked.... -_- so I think I would win lol

I'm sorry you don't have a support group at college. I have found out there is a vegan group so I am thankful for that but you make a really good point and probably one of the best ones I have heard. Its actually primitive to think that we have to stay at our "natural standards" and conform with the ignorant people who think "it's natural to eat meat". Anyways thank you so much. I'm pretty sure these facts will be used if I have to defend my beliefs.

 a real friend accepts you as you are with your goods and bads. maybe you should try finding some new ones who would accept your decissions.

I hope to when I go into college :) but of course this isn't all my friends just a hand full 

I like what you wrote, Very interesting come back . I like it. I am also the only vegan 17 years now in my surroundings. I have little patience these days for ignorance and non respect of vegans. I like to throw that out there what you said about natural rape etc., etc.  that's great stuff thanks for sharing..


I've reached a wonderful age, where, I really don't care what others think about my strict vegan diet. It says to me, personally, that I am listening to my body and to the essense of life inside. I am true to who I am and how I think. Never apologize to the critics since most of them have no concept of true compassion for fellow human beings or animals, much less, critical thinking skills.


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