Has Your Menstruation Changed Since Becoming Vegan Or Has It Disappeared From Going Raw?

I have been vegan for more than 10 years now and as I transition to a healthier diet, my menstrual cycle has become lighter and the actual menstruation has happened less frequently. I have visited forums and I have also read books claiming that menstruation is not a necessary part of ovulation. In fact certain health experts refer to it as hemorrhaging and claim that women following wholistic practices do not have this issue. I wrote about it here: Is Your Menstruation Healthy? Probably Not...

Have you noticed any changes since transitioning?

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This is true. Menstruation is not a necessary part of ovulation. Ovulation can happen without bleeding.

My cramps are a lot lighter after 6 months on a vegan diet, and they were very bad before. I definitely feel a change.

Wow, I thought I had replied to you. Thank you so much for your response, Nina:) Glad to know that you are reaping the health rewards of discipline.

You look really fit by the way ;)

Thanks, Nina:)

My menstruation became more regular since I become a 95% vegan (the other 5% from processed food containing dairy which I am working on cutting them out). Besides, the pain is almost nonexistent.

Yes, the pain is one thing that motivated me on my healing journey; although, I never had menstrual pain. Best wishes, Sharon...


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