some time hard drive crashed to an unrepairable state.

before it crashed, there was lots of strange noises and when I got my new drive installed, they said there was a check I could do on the start up in safe mode to find out the health condition of the drive.

anyone know about this? because my drive is making noises again. it was just installed not even one year ago. it has been like 6 months.

frequently, the laptop gets frozen and I have to shut down and start again, which usually makes it normal, but not always.

help me out please!!!! I can't find specific answers online, though I have tried.

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Never experience this. 

There are few probabilities. The noise may come from the fan too. Check if your fan is clean or not. 

If the noise come from your hard drive, then try to scan your hard drive to find if there is any virus, and clean up your hard drive. 

The last options I would do before I reinstall my system, I would try to restore my setting to the last known good system. 

Hope this help you!

scanning I do everyday...and it is not the fan. I have cleaned it already.

these are noises from the hard drive as if it is working too hard.

how do I restore to the last setting?

What operating system do you use on your computer? XP or Seven, or Mac? 

If you use Seven, please just search for "system restore" on the search box in the start menu.

If you use XP, I don't quite remember. If I am not wrong, go to start menu, find accessibility and go to the next menu of "system restore".

I never use Mac, so I don't know about it.

Good luck. 

I have XP.  There is a tool when you click on properties that checks the disk for errors, but it can be only run on start up it says.

But I don't know how to run it on start up. There was something like that I am supposed to start in safe mode but I don't know how to do that.

It has been a while since i have run windows so i forget teh hotkey

so i checked online, it is F8 during computer startup. If you are on a laptop sometimes the F keys are assigned to something else and you have a modifier key in the bottom left corner that has to be pressed as well something like fn (not ctrl) 

you should be put in the boot menu under advanced options you can select safe boot.

OR you can put it in to a caddy and pull the files, that is a last resort jobby, because sometimes you come out with an 'empty' disk.

okay..that's great Nava,  so do you think that if I start up in safe mode I can check the health of the disk?

yes you should be able to :) I think its called disk cleanup or scan disk, under accessories in the start menu, also if it boots, its likely that you can pull files, although i don't know if you can instal a usb flash drive in safemode,

Best of luck :)


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