This is not spam, I'm just a huge fan of 2 great companies and want to help get the word out. Beyond Meat and Hampton Creek Foods!! They will both change the world, so many benefits by supporting them and using their products! Please learn more about them and show your support! They are both making revolutionary "egg" or "chicken" products but taking the chicken out of the equation. They are game changers! || You can find their products at Whole Foods and also try Beyond Meat at and at Roots Market (by the pound)..visit for more information.

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Oh wow... I need some of the Cookie Dough... I can't find where to buy it :P I am in the UK but will happily get it shipped

It will hit store shelves in about 40 days, probably in California first...please keep an eye out! I know I will be! If they can ship it I'll let you know...or you might just want to ask them on Twitter or Facebook..that will help show your interest and demand for the product.

Good idea. Will be sure to keep an eye out. Thanks for the info.


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