I have been feeling a bit alone after I became a vegan. Even, the Hubby does not understand and he should, since you would think he is the one that understand my passions. 

Yet, no. Day in and day out, I am alone. So, I remind myself the reasons I became a vegan in the first place. 

I look forward to other reasons we say to ourselves in times we feel alone. 

My reasons are

  1. People Eating and Brutalizing dogs and all animals for the sake of eating when we have other choices.
  2. Daily treatment of the cows, pigs, and chickens.
  3. I am raising chickens (since I have started hand raising the chickens from only days old,  I can't eat their eggs or meat)
  4. The poor health of the animals ( any good hunter knows not to eat meat that sick and infected).

The list grows daily, see more at  https://www.discoverlifesecretswitheve.com/vegan-adventures-.htm and http://www.bullydevotion.com/p/research.html to see more about why I became a vegan.

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