Hello everyone! I'm Bekki. I've been vegetarian for around 4/5 years and I became vegan just under a year ago!
I joined this site so that I can have the opportunity to talk to fellow Vegetarians/Vegans because I've never found many at all, out and about in the area I live. (England, Buckinghamshire)
I'd love to make some friends that are like minded. (:
Look forward to talking to you all! x

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Hello Rebecca.. Its a Great Pleasure for us that you have turned to Vegan a year ago,because i feel very lucky and fortunate to all those People who are Vegan and its a very Good thing.. I and we all are here to help you and we are here to talk you and to Answer all your Questions.. You are most Welcome..

A good day to you, as well! It's so pleasant finding like-minded individuals! 

Thankyou both of you.
Yes. i'm enjoying it already :P

Nice to meet you too! (:

Welcome to the site Bekki good luck finding other veggies in Bucks! Are there any local cafes where you might bump into some?

Thankyou very much!
I'll have to have a look around for some around my area actually. that's a great idea (:


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