I love this forum and vegan blogs are great, but I'd like a book with some solid facts on vegan nutrition. I really like the Forks Over Knives documentary. I thought it was done very well how they showed sources and talked about specific studies and the results. Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks!

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The problem with books is people tend to assume if it's in a book and the author has some qualifications and a few positive reviews, it must be trustworthy. Sadly this is very far from the case. Bookstores are heaving with books on nutrition and various latest diets. Most are just fads, designed to do one thing only - make money. A typical trick is to write something mysterious, 'controversial' or iconoclastic - 'The real truth about blah', 'The great nutrition lie' 'Nutritional secrets of the ancients'... etc.  I'd suggest maybe better to stick with established vegan organisations who've been around for a while and give good sensible advice online like: 




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