I love this forum and vegan blogs are great, but I'd like a book with some solid facts on vegan nutrition. I really like the Forks Over Knives documentary. I thought it was done very well how they showed sources and talked about specific studies and the results. Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks!

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I never read any books.  I gathered data tried it and applied it.  All of it was from the net.   You dont need a book because a healthy veg diet is not hard.    A nutritional vegan diet requires a main source of calories as starches; with he addition of fruits and vegetables.   The only supplement you need at all is vitamin b12 cobalamin, and even still You can store 6 years in ur liver.. 

Trust me on this =).  I've been vegan bodybuilding w/o supplementation for a long time. 

My diet consists of:  Oatmeal,potatoes,beans,rice, bread, peanut butter, flaxseed(whole) carrots,kale,brocolli, spinach, pasta.  Thats basically it.  I rarely eat fruits or sweets.    Spices and erbs will also aid in your health =). 

In fact.. i shud add.  Vegan diet can be so simple that you can be sustained form a single food source, the potato.   Entire populations have either died or lived solely because of the potato as their only calorie source =).

Here is all the credible information u will ever need.  The man himself Dr. Mcdougal.  The man who convinced me 2 go from vegetarian 2 vegan!!!              https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XVf36nwraw

----the stomach is an engine, and sure even stronger than a real one, but we need to make sure, we don´t use it the way we use a car...

in other words, books yes, but some books won´t hold a candle to enlightening inputs based on empiric experiences and that you can find on this site or in books with " Grandma´s recipies for a healthy life "...shortly back to this site, search posts dating back to at least one year ago and more...

best, do a good search on the web...good luck

I went inro Barnes and Noble today and bought Living Vegan For Dummies. Maybe I didn't need to buy it. After all, there are plenty of websites that give all sorts of info on the vegan lifestyle. But I like that it goes really in depth, telling you all the different foods you to need to eat to get all the necessary nutrients. It also has recipes in it. I'll look on it as my vegan bible and it's something I can always turn to for inspiration and ideas.

This is a useful book full of information & recipe's & even grocery lists and a meal plan for several weeks to try out, amazing!


The book vegan bodybuilding and fitness by Robert Cheeke, was my first one, not that i was looking to body build but to have energy to exercise. made me think if he can do it then it is possible for anyone. I moved from veggie to vegan with this book

Brendan is another vegan athlete who has some great books for nutrition and recipes, I havent bought these yet! check out his blog. http://www.brendanbrazier.com/

I jsut gotta ask.. Wherein nature do creatures need 2 read books 2 find out what they are supposed 2 eat? -o-.

Cmon guys this is basic stuff! IF a potato can sustain a human lal by it self..  its no great trial !

Dude, knowledge = power. We have lost our ways from the ancient times so we need to remember all this information all over again. Yes, we used to know this by intuition like animals do. Animals run away from nature disasters, we don't...

The power to grasp a potato in hand!!!   Take a look at some pics.. Your brain has been wired by millions of years evolution to naturally know what to eat just by seeing it!    Trust me dude 100 years of industrial rev wont be undoing millions of years of evolution.. Think about it!  N give our rather massive craniums some credit for being able to know what 2 do all alone :D. 

Its instinctive.. Ill prove it right now,  JUst look at these..  And what one does your brain lean to.  and what do u sense??? =))

Now lets look at our Mammalian  kin

Case and point =)..

We gotta member who n what we r.   Animals..  We have forgotten our instincts but...  THey are  there lurking.. waiting to rise from their long slumber!  RWAR!!!! Like a lion!! or lioness!!

Chris Beans I have been vegan for over a year. I eat pasta or potatoes everyday. I like it being a vegan, and I firmly believe in it. People have their own stories and reasons; that's great. Forums and blogs can be good reading too. However people forget to source facts or sources are unreliable.  I feel like people could easily pull "facts" and numbers out of their asses. I'm really looking for something that compares plant based diets to non plant based diets. 

Wouldn't it be nice to learn some real facts from a book written by a actual doctor? I mean there is only so far the "potato-in-hand" argument can go.  But thanks anyway for your contributions Chris Beans. 


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