Genetically modified food, including vegetables, may have fish genes in them. GMO's are not currently required to be identified as such. If you eat a veggie that has been modified are you a pescatarian? Something to think about.

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That's a really great point. Something else's to think about is processed foods, many of which contain animal parts that are not considered Veg and since labels are vague at best, I'm curious how many vegetarians bipass processed foods.

A raw, organic, Vegan diet is the easiest way to ensure everything you put in your mouth is in sync with your ethics and dietary requirements. People think its so hard but it actually takes the hard part out of it.

I don't buy GMO's because it hurts local farmers.............Anyway the fish "genes" are synthesized in a lab from who knows what...but generally no fish died (except maybe the first few?) to put that fake fish gene in your produce, so I guess it's vegetarian. Regardless I can think of better reasons not to buy GMO's.

if youv bin tricked into eating animal products against your will it doesnt make you any less of a vegie/vegan. its shame on them.


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