Genetically modified food, including vegetables, may have fish genes in them. GMO's are not currently required to be identified as such. If you eat a veggie that has been modified are you a pescatarian? Something to think about.

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No comments? Does the fact that there are fish genes in, what are suppose to be, vegetables BOTHER anyone else?

its so bad for you ,, and even tho its a gene ,, you can bet they fucked with a fish to get it! 

I am not really worried about it. If I eat only vegetables its not my fault if there is some fish thing involved. If organic companies weren't so expensive. I would buy that but the fact of the matter is they are too expensive and hammer people on the price while saying at the same time it costs less to produce organic veggies than meat. I've questioned them on why its more expensive than meat to consumers if it costs less to produce and get "well that's a complex question.." as an answer. If I find organic as affordable, I'll buy it but I'm not going to lose any sleep over it if I can't afford it. 

Organic is so expensive because the demand is less than regular. The more people who buy Organic, the less expensive it will get.

No, especially since you don't know. It's more like sugar, I think--almost a necessity, sometimes processed with animal bone char, but you really can't tell in the majority of cases what happened to it.

I don't really find it too weird. I mean, is it weird that there's seaweed in soymilk and ice cream and every other food? Is it weird that MSG is typically coupled with a fish or seaweed extract? Food combos don't weird me out anymore. I just hate it that full disclosure is seen as a thing to avoid in the food industry.

I am less bothered by fish genes in plants than I am with other effects of GMOs: Overuse of pesticides, leading to animal death and worker illness; sustainability issues; and the potential for allergies.

There is white sugar in almost all processed foods, even savory ones. White sugar is bleached with bone char unless you specifically source white sugar without bone char in the processing which is very expensive and not at all what processed food companies are using. They use cheap ingredients that increase their profit margin. For this reason it is safe to say vegetarians who eat processed foods are likely Pescatarians, even if they don't know it.

Yes, it bothers me as much as not having the labeling for all GMO veggies, fruits or whatever else they decide to cook up in their labs.

Labeling is the answer so we all have the freedom to make our own decisions on what we put into our body.

Well, if you had a choice in the matter it may count. But since we really don;t know sometimes as to whether or not the gene has been put into the fruit or vegetable, then no. GMO's are not a good thing. Corn, Wheat, Soy are the main  ones, but I have read that oranges are going to GE now too. We, unfortunately, live in a world that wants to play God and our health is proof that we should just leave well enough alone!

Don't bother counting it! Your not outright eating fish. Your eating a vegetable!

I would say no. I try hard to avoid gmo, but I can't afford completely organic and gmo is very sneaky in corn and sugar products and by products.
Fyi, in the US gmo produce has sku numbers that begin with an 8 and organic begins with a 9.

That's good to know, Uno! Thanks for telling us. =)

disgusting, i have a seafood allergy, i wonder why..... there should be no fish in my vegetables (sounds like something ridiculous and made up a kid would say, but it's not)


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