It can be awkward when you go to another person's home and all you can sit on are leather chairs and couches, or if you get a lift in someone's car and there's leather lining throughout.

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Animal products are all around us.  Cars, furniture, homes, toiltetries.  We just have to do the best we can.  Vegan shoes and soap are very expensive, but I do the best I can

I discovered bone china a few years ago after buying dishes while I was away. Naturally I was torn on what to do because I loved them so. Anyway, shortly after they broke on me. Lucky for me, as I didn't have to the make the decision.

I have a verrrry expensive leather winter jacket. Not sure what to do with it. Its from my pre veg days

ahh i see. That's a bit of a pickle. Luckily I wasn't into leather before I went veg, being that it's one of the products with a higher monetary value on the planet. You could try to sell it, but then I guess that's profiting from death. I don't know--too complicated for me lol. I'd probably throw it out or put it on the street, but that's me. I've had similar situations with other things. But if you do make money off of it, at least you know you won't put that money towards injuring animals, as some others may. That's another way to look at it, that's if this is at all an issue for you to begin with haha. But who knows this may resonate with someone else.

I just leave it in my closet for the time being. Figure it out later. Boy i wish it wasnt leather

lol that works =)

You can just give it to someone, I guess... you don't have to sell it.

Id hate to just throw it away

What if a homeless needs it?

Good point
I found this on google:
Sadly, these are images about the MNCs that test on animals. You might not buy a leather jacket, shoes, chairs or couches. I think probably most of the biggest food companies are in the list of animal testing.


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