If you knew someone who has a big green yard with chickens living happily and freely, would you eat their eggs even if you're vegan or lacto-vegetarian? And the same with milk from a cow living in the same circumstances? 

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In the link above we have answers to your question already asked by another member.

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Though I never ate eggs and I no longer drink milk, I believe that's fine. Chickens lay eggs anyway so why not, unless they've been fertilized, then obviously not. And cows produce milk. I would use dairy from organic free range farms for baking and such

No. When we eat eggs we are also killing beings. Some say that commercially available eggs are unfertilized, so eating them is not killing living things. This is only seemingly correct. An egg remains unfertilized only because the appropriate circumstances for its fertilization have been withheld, so the egg can not complete its natural purpose of developing into a chicken. Even though this development has not occurred, it still contains the innate life force needed for this. We know that eggs have innate life force; otherwise, why is it that ova are the only type of cells which can be fertilized? Some point out that eggs contain the essential nutrients, protein and phosphorus, essential for human bodies. But protein is available from bean curd, and phosphorus from many kinds of vegetables such as potatoes.

Reference > http://www.godsdirectcontact.org/eng/booklet/vegetarian.html


Cows produce milk for their babies. Not for us.

Why should we tame animals then, lets free them and let them do whatever they like.I have seen myself when I had a cow in my house, when the calf begun drinking more milk it began falling sick. For this we had had to reduce the milk. One more thing I've seen is cow giving milk without giving birth to any calf.

I wouldn't, just because I found out how bad dairy is for you as others have said- but it would make me happier to know that's how my meat-eating friends and family were getting their eggs. Healthier, both for them and the animal.

If you say its no harm having eggs when birds are kept in a healthier environment, its wrong because if you say its wright to eat eggs then it may also be wright to eat human offspring cause they are the ones who even live more healthier. Human can eat healthier and so can they give birth as many as birds do and have them as their diet. You can better understand, if a healthy lady gives birth to a baby and flesh eater animals take away her baby to eat, will the lady be happy cause she is healthy to give birth more babies. Its not the case being healthy mean no harm.Anyone will have the same feeling for the loss of even a single baby.

i would drink the milk of course, but not egg/chicken at all.

the baby boy of cow (that is would be ox/bull) is used in india as a beast of burden.

I have recently begun purchasing eggs laid by cage-free, and certified humane raised and handled hens.

I realize I am no longer vegan, but honestly see no harm here.

The reason I became vegan was because I cannot abide the thought of a fellow creature dying in agony and terror for my lunch.  This does not happen with eggs.

Am I a horrible person?

My goodness is this your thought cause living creature have not been killed by you.But think a bit if the egg would have been hatched a baby chick would see the world where it would have its beautiful family and friends all around.How could it be good to kill a life not even seen its mom?

It DOES happen with eggs. Still, the male chicks are being killed at birth (gassed, thrown in a grinder while still alive or simply suffocated in a garbage bag) because they are of no commercial value. What's humane about that? Second, there are no legal requirements for poultry concerning the term "humane", so it's still up to what the farmer believes is humane...and you'd just have to blindly believe the farmer, who most probably runs his farm for  economical reasons. I could go on and on, but I leave you with this last argument; when laying hens don't meet the "laying quota" they will still be killed for meat consumption or dog-food or whatever, so the suffering remains. There is no such thing as humane eggs for consumption, just as there is no "humane" meat...in the end the animals still suffer for our selfish needs. 

You are not a bad person, but when eating eggs, dairy or any other animal derived products...you will continue supporting animal cruelty and unnecessary killing. By choosing to become vegan, you make the statement of refusing to support the killing of animals, enslaving them or using them for your own ends. Nobody is perfect and even as a vegan you can never guarantee 100%, but the idea behind it is to cause the least harm possible.

Check out the website of bitesizevegan.com, it's a good resource about anything you want to know about veganism and the hidden cruelty of animal products we assume are harmless. 

Good luck


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