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I am in serious decision making about moving toward a Vegan diet. At the moment, I am pescatarian. I find the thought overwhelming. I enjoy seafood very much, though it may seem hypocritical of me to eat seafood and not other meat. I also eat dairy. I do believe that I can give up both. But like I said, the thought is overwhelming. 

I picked up a handful of skittles at my Aunt's last night and she informed me that there is pork in them? I know some of my clothing, shoes and things are made from animal. How do you rid of this?! How do I replace all these things, and more importantly, how do you stay informed with what and what not to buy? 

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It does involve a lot of reading, haha. It's just instant habit now, I don't feel comfortable putting something in my body when I don't know exactly what it is. That's a very good thing though.

IDK about the skittles....as for everything else....no. Im not going to get rid of old leather shoes,....furniture...clothing, etc. I will just NEVER Ever buy anymore again. What's done is done and honestly, I might would buy something second hand that is an animal product. We humans waste SOOOOOO much stuff. I know other vegans feel differently, and I TOTALLY respect it. But the way I look it is that the cow isn't coming back who's hide was used to make the second shoes i might would buy....throwing them away makes even more waste of the life that humans destroyed in the first place. Food, on the other hand is another story to me.....I can't buy used food and besides....It poisons our bodies....I have multi-faceted reasons for not eating animal products. My advice is to search deep in your  heart about why you desire to have a vegan diet/lifestyle and educate yourself on all the benefits.....then TRUST that your desire WILL grow into an overwhelming feeling that compels you to do it. I knew 2 months before I went to a vegan diet that I was going to in my own perfect timing. Then, one day I said "this is the day". Knowing your facts and having the desires are all you'll need. I was a major CHEESE eater. I thought I couldn't live without cheese.....now 2 months later, I am disgusted to think about eating dairy cheese. I think about the animal suffering involved and the cancer causing proteins ....bam....no way will I eat it! :) Best wishes....you're on your way. 

Im not going to get rid of old leather shoes,....furniture...clothing, etc.

I agree with this idea.  If someone has got a bad association with such products or items, then by all means.  Repulsion is repulsion and can't be stopped.  Everyone has to make a choice.

I definitely didn't have a repulsion when I first became vegetarian. I already had leather boots.  I am not killing any cow by wearing them I don't think.  Maybe it could be argued that I did when I bought them, but past is past.

I went through a phase wear I wanted no leather or animal item on my body.  That went for like 2 years.  Then eventually, it got cold in Oregon, and my payless teva shoes even with wool socks did not cut it anymore.  So I went to the "free box" in my community and found a pair of old leather boots.  With vibram soles no less.  I wore them and wore them and wore them. 

Guess, what?  I still have them!!! They still work!!!  But I can't wear them much until I get them resoled.  They get slippery in the rain.  I dont' think I kill cows by wearing them everyday nor did I kill a cow the day I picked them from the free box.

I guess I could say that I wish I didn't have to wear them or I wish I had enough money to buy a warm pair of vegan boots, but frankly I am okay with my diet being my diet and my love and care for animals is not stopped by wearing the boots that were easy to get and I spent no money on the industry. I don't have any guilt about it.

I agree!!

I would just suggest you be very careful, Nicole! A lot of people aren't aware that by wearing these products, such as leather, you are putting your health at risk. Leather is loaded with chemicals.

"Mordants and other chemicals often used to treat leather are linked to nervous disorders, asthma, premature death, gynaecological disorders, weakness, dizziness, headaches, abdominal pain, nausea, constipation, skin and respiratory infections, cancer and other serious illnesses.

According to an investigation by the New York State Department of Health, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and other agencies, those who work in tanneries may be greatly increasing their risk of testicular cancer. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that in an area near one Kentucky leather tannery, the incidence of leukaemia was five times the national average."

So I understand you have to take steps- but if you're veggie for the health aspect I would definitely say do some research on this issue and see if you feel this aspect won't harm you :)! I mean, what in today's world DOESN'T cause cancer? But just thought I'd share that with you xo

I understand Lauren, just as many people aren't aware that by spraying air fresheners and wearing most perfumes and cologne that they are doing the same. Our environments are loaded with toxins, chemicals and poisons that we never think about. 

Are you agreeing with me, or stating that because other products cause cancer too, that another product causing cancer is okay? Lol. I haven't slept in a while so I can't be sure ;)!

My life is vegan as far as possible & practicable. I still have leather shoes which I won't throw away because I abhor waste, and I don't think that would be the right thing to do. I will replace them with non-animal products in due course when they wear out. I've always bought cosmetics that weren't tested on animals and I take the ethical, eco-friendly option wherever possible.

I do my research, I scrutinise the ingredients list on packets of food, get tips from online veggie sources (did you know there's an app for that?!) and question everything. If I don't know what's in it, I basically wont eat it unless there's nothing else, although I do tend to carry snacks with me to avoid that sort of situation. (I won't starve to death for my cause, but I do my best!) My iPhone is invaluable for looking up ingredients!

People around me are getting used to it now, and some of them help out by finding out for me beforehand what I can & can't have. I always show non-vegans respect and I would never impose my values on to others - it would be disrespectful and counter-productive.

I've seen my journey into veganism as a foodie adventure. Too many people focus on the negative, on what they "can't have" and what they "have to cut out". That's no way to have a positive experience! No wonder it feels overwhelming.

I chose to reframe it and make it enjoyable and exciting. You just need to focus on what you can have and have fun with it! I've made some amazing food discoveries and I'm loving my vegan gastronomic adventure. I like to cook my food from scratch anyway so it's not a big deal for me. It's just been a fun time discovering new recipes, flavours, textures & techniques.

When you stop eating meat & fish the way you structure your meals changes entirely. Whereas for an omnivore the entire meal is centred around the meat or animal product with everything else being an "accompaniment," vegan food is more like a fusion of flavours and veggies, pulses etc. Well that's how I see it anyway.

I think it's important to remember that veganism is an aspiration not a dogma. We all do the best we can, and that is already pretty amazing. Bring in the changes gradually that feel right for you. If it doesn't resonate, then don't force yourself. 

The key is to enjoy it. Veganism is not martyrdom! 

I get the idea of hating waste. A good idea, if you want to get rid of those products, could be to sell them, then buy new materials. My friend she sold all of her things immediately after making the switch, and she used the money to buy canned veggies to donate to a food drive. There are some positive ways to enter into getting rid of animal products :) Doesn't have to feel like wasting the animal's life, good can come.

If they are toxic and poisonous, selling them to someone else wouldn't be good either.

Well not "if" they are- but meat-eaters aren't the most health concious. Could get them to put down their cancer causing food too if I could. But might as well pass the harmful item onto someone who doesn't care about their health for fashion.

It was a no brainer. As soon as i turned, i was dedicated 100%. For people who love animals its not that hard.


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