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I am in serious decision making about moving toward a Vegan diet. At the moment, I am pescatarian. I find the thought overwhelming. I enjoy seafood very much, though it may seem hypocritical of me to eat seafood and not other meat. I also eat dairy. I do believe that I can give up both. But like I said, the thought is overwhelming. 

I picked up a handful of skittles at my Aunt's last night and she informed me that there is pork in them? I know some of my clothing, shoes and things are made from animal. How do you rid of this?! How do I replace all these things, and more importantly, how do you stay informed with what and what not to buy? 

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If you learn to know what make-up (for example) that is not tested on animals, you buy only from those companies. And one will learn to read the ingrediens list before buying anything. You can also cut out more and more stuff as you learn to know it. Or even better: Learn about vegan stuff, and buy that instead. I made friends with soya milk, and cutted out cows milk. I'm cutting things out while I learn to know the new things. And when I know the new things, I never use buy the old ones. Like tooth paste. I could never thnk that it was tested on animals, but then I figured out - shecked on the internet, and started to buy a tooth paste that was not tested on animals. Now I only buy that one.

Thanks! I guess it seems like the options are very limited. I have done the same thing as far as cutting things out - I drink almond milk mostly and goat milk on occasion, gave up cow milk. I eat cheese rarely and not much else dairy. I am slowly cutting things out. As far as makeup goes, thats tricky! I'll have to do some research - thanks for the input! 

Skittles don't have gelatin, anymore.  Use keywords "vegan" and "cruelty-free."  Throw your animal crap in the garbage if you're serious about it.  Don't know what else to say, but have fun while you're doing it. 

If I weren't serious about it, I suppose I wouldn't be here… just trying to get some input and feedback on how others did it. 

Also, I have found it difficult to even visit home. I am home for the holidays and everyone in my family eats meat, drinks milk and has no interest in giving it up. Makes it very difficult to eat with the family. 

Don't let it divide you from your family!

I have the same problem Nichole. It can be really difficult, I know. I am still struggling with it. 

that is good to know about skittles!

I commend you on the decision to go vegan :)!! Right now everything in my life was vegan. Makeup was the last step some months ago- and when I buy clothes I now try and be sure that it's both friendly to animals and also to people- no products which use sweat shops, etc. When I discovered how many wonderful vegan brands of makeup there were for instance, I was incredibly happy. Now my skin doesn't break out when I choose to wear makeup, or leave lines, or anything that I think unhealthier brands leave. 

I started off as a pescie too :) I thought in my mind my ultimate goal was vegetarian, I dreamed of going vegan, but I also felt overwhelmed and thought, "Maybe one day. After some years of being vegetarian." After I became vegetarian I just start trying vegan recipes now and then, and when I realized how easy it was just from experience, it made the switch very easy :)! I think just having an armada of good vegan recipes will help you loads. 

Another thing to keep in mind too, so you don't feel overwhelmed, is that you're going to make mistakes. That's alright :)! Take each mistake as learning experience, not a defeat. Just maintain an optimistic curiousity- and abuse google and you'll be fine ahha.

I've heard recently that Skittles have switched back to being veggie friendly, but I'm not certain. I haven't craved candy since switching. Over time you can replace those clothes you have, and perhaps donate them elsewhere. Members have all disagreed on what to do with these items, after switching. PETA has an interactive portion of their website where you can search any type of vegan friendly product, so I hope this helps you :)!! Also just paying attention to even this forum, you can learn a lot.

Food brands:


Clothing guide:


Thank you so much! :) Very helpful! I have been doing some reasearch on Vegan clothing lines and what not… make up would probably be my lawst stop as well.. food.. clothes… then make up. I really want to make this change in my life and am happy I found this  site. When I get back from my holiday vacation I will take more time to explore this site as well as google. 

As far as letting my choices divide me from my family, never. But things like this happen: 

I was warming up some pasta that my mother had made, along with the sauce she made… it wasn't until it was warmed did I notice there was a bone in the meat. My mom didn't think it was a big deal because it was just in the meat for "flavor". Then again, tonight.. I was making pizza for everyone and the sauce I was using - again, same thing! I got so mad at my mom for just not respecting my choices. I know it is not malicious or that she is trying to trick me, it's just that she doesn't understand how important it is to me. My family thinks I am "preachy" and what not… it's frustrating. 

No problem :)! I am glad I could help xo That sounds great! I think it's really smart of you to take steps, trying to dive in and fix everything all at once is very overwhelming! This way you can enjoy the journey :)!

I understand the family issues, most certainly. It doesn't divide you but it causes a lot of tension, needless tension. If it makes you feel better, my parents were very rude about a lot of the things I did, but over time they became very supportive, once they realized it wasn't a phase and I wasn't just trying to make them feel bad or anything. Perhaps you will even come to inspire them :)! Also it might be a good idea to force your company on them when they go shopping, haha. I did this for a while until they began to recognize the brands I liked or learned which things on the labels to avoid. I hope they become more supportive of your choices- they love you, so this might even just be misplaced concern. But because of that love they will also come to realize how wonderful your diet suits you, and they will support you xo

This is very helpful Lauren, as usual! :) What brands of make-up do you use that are vegan friendly? If I may ask! 

I changed my diet to vegetarian to vegan in about a month or two. First I became vegetarian. When I was comfortable with that, I cut out drinking milk (but not things that were baked with it in), when I was okay with that I cut out cheese (this was hard and it took 3 tries before it stuck), I waited out the 20some days of withdrawl and when I was sure that I wouldn't fall back into my previous diet, I continued onward, I then cut out egg (except things baked with it), then I started cutting out things from stores with milk and egg (this was hard because ALOT has it, and replacing egg in cooking is a big learning curve) this part took me a long time. When I was okay with that, I coasted for a bit and did research about being vegan, tried new foods and stuff like that... then slowly and very slowly I began to switch non-edible things in my life to vegan versions..... this took me over a year to do.

My advice is listen to your limits. Don't push to fast or too hard if you aren't able to hold strong. Its okay to take baby steps, especially with someone that you're so used to and there is such a big learning curve to adjust to. Good luck!


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