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I am in serious decision making about moving toward a Vegan diet. At the moment, I am pescatarian. I find the thought overwhelming. I enjoy seafood very much, though it may seem hypocritical of me to eat seafood and not other meat. I also eat dairy. I do believe that I can give up both. But like I said, the thought is overwhelming. 

I picked up a handful of skittles at my Aunt's last night and she informed me that there is pork in them? I know some of my clothing, shoes and things are made from animal. How do you rid of this?! How do I replace all these things, and more importantly, how do you stay informed with what and what not to buy? 

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Good on you

Hey congrats on the decision to become vegan :) xo That's excellent, I know you'll do well. Dairy is often the hardest part for people and you've already tackled that :)!! Also congrats on not wearing animal skins, sadly so many of our brothers and sisters still endorse the very cruel "animal fashion" industries.

It's a big decision and i commend you for considering. I recently switched to vegan after being vegetarian for about 3 1/2 years, and I must admit, it was a little scary to think about. What helped me was switching over to cruelty free and vegan products earlier than actually going vegan. Try things out. Some you will like, some you won't. There are many internet sites that will give you hints on stuff that is vegan (for example, Mambas and Sour Patch Kids are vegan, so grab those instead of Skittles). My biggest hurdle was switching over cleaning products, and I am still testing brands out that I don't like very well, but it is totally worth it in the end. Giving up cheese was my last thing to go, but Dayia makes some pretty fantastic vegan 'cheese.' JASON toothpaste is amazing in my opinion, as well as their haircare products. Revlon and Clinique do not test any of their products on animals, as well as Paul Mitchell for hair. If you have a Whole Foods in your area, I suggest going and looking around at things you think you would like, and then do some research before you purchase, like customer reviews and such. Good luck! It really is a big step, but totally worth it!

I was veggie for about 6 years until one day I learnt of the cruelty involved with eggs and dairy. I felt pretty stupid as I didn't realise cows only give milk after birth, just like humans - unless they are fed lots of steriods and hormones. The same went with egg production.
I made the decison that day to go vegan, just as a sunday lunch was being served with quorn sausages.

My OH did get a bit huffed but agreed to help as much as she could.
I did think it was going to be rather difficult but found it quite easy with a little work.
Food at home is easy enough if you learn a few things with cooking.

Eating out I found was easier if I asked for a veggie meal, free from eggs, milk, dairy etc. They seem to undertsand that more than "vegan" as there are so many ppl with intolerances now.
Most good eating places can handle this these days.

One of the best things I did was to join the local veggie vegan group. This was great as I found out where buy stuff locally, what everyone else was cooking etc and made lots of vegan friends. It is much easier with friends.
They also had regular meals that were all vegan and once others saw how easy it was, lots of the vegetrains went vegan too.
 If you learn to cook its much cheaper and healthier too.

We also started out own little vegan biz to help others find vegan goods at affordable prices and thats developed into a full time biz. We are always looking for new vegan products and some local suppliers have changed the products they make into vegan. http://www.alternativestores.com

Don't be afriad to ask for help as the vegan community is very friendly and a great source of info, just like Vegfriend

Good luck.


Hi there Nichole!!

You have had some great replies to your question from the folks here!

There isn't much I can add. 

When eating out I tend to say 'I'm allergic to dairy, eggs and meat, what have you got that I can eat?' I tell them it's to do wth the proteins in these foods ;-) Most folk aren't clued up enough to question that and they don't want you dying in their restaurant from anaphylactic shock, lol so they are pretty careful with their advise! Then at the end of the meal I let them know I'm vegan, praise them for their efforts and they are more aware of the requirements of a vegan for the next time one shows up!

I went vegan in a summer, so I started by replacing all my sandals and flipflops gradually to ipanema products, they come up loads on ebay. Winter boots was much harder and I still haven't found an ideal. I agree with minimalising waste and using second hand leather but for me personally it started to niggle away at me so I gave my good leather products to friends who I knew would use them and gave the rest to charity.

I do still have some products with wool in, I will wear them to holes before they are replaced but it's a fibre that is hard to replicate. I would like to try out bamaboo and hemp layering for colder weather. When I've got the pennies ;-)

Bare Minerals contain no animal products and don't test on animals, the whole line of Jason cosmetics, creams, toothpastes etc are vegan. Some Burts Bees are vegan, some Toms Of Maine, there are endless options. Just take your time and don't let anyone tell you you should do everything right now or you are not committed, that is not true.

We all learn and process things at different rates, I believe you are more likely to succeed if you give your self time to accept each step and move at yoour own pace. Just keep your goal in mind.

For me it has led to learning more about GM, pesticides, cotton production (bad news!!), agriculture and health. Health is now a huge driving factor for me in this chioce.

Bravo for taking your first step, most of all, enjoy the journey!! Veganism isn't a sacrifice, it's a joy! 

with love,


i have been a vegan for 4 months now and still learning so i am sure there are animal based items in my house. trying to find other options. i threw out makeup and always check clothes. but i hope to have a vegan free home soon. my bf is a meat eater so that's kinda hard. but its all step by step 

I love your transformation Latia :) I really do! You try so hard, never forget to be proud of yourself. Your FB statuses always make my day xoxo

I would suggest to take your time. i went gradually and am totally vegan now. i never threw away clothes, some i donated and some i just wore til i didnt want em any more. it doesnt save the animal to throw its skin into the garbage once you have already bought it. 

you will need to learn a lot about ingredients, but there are a lot of sources out there. dont be afraid to call or email a company to ask about their ingredients or practices.

you will slowly become more into it, feel better and never want to look back. i think you are on the right track....keep support and go for it!

Small steps. Unfortunately society thinks it's easier to use animals than to find a different option. The more you can do the better. That is what I tell myself. I can't be 100% but what I do does make an impact.
Not even close.

Everyone should go Vegan at there own pace. Meat is like an addiction if you force it well that's already the issue. I cut out red meat, lamb, veal, pork chops, pork and others first. Then i cut out Chicken and Turkey (poultry). Then fish, then shrimp, then crab legs. Finally when i was 17 i was done with all meat for good. At 18 I went vegetarian when i became freer from parental control and it was easy to give up eggs. But it was many years as a vegetarian before it became easy to give up cheese. Happily vegan now for.. i would guess about 11 years.. Very happy to be vegan and i eat very well. Learn to care for your own body, but try to learn about your best health practices. I can offer more advice..

The foods have "contents" information on!


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