Q: How many of the following milk's can be used as a source of protein in your diet?  Soy, Almond, Rice and Coconut.

A: ONE. 

Soy milk.  It has equal grams of protein per serving as Cow's milk. (8/9).  The other sources have less than 2!

Remember:  unless you purchase unsweetened milks. 

These other milks can have up to 15 grams of sugar per serving, which is the same as Cow's milk.

Chose wisely, or like me...choose them ALL, for different health benefits and enjoy :)

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It's true there is controversy over Soy milk, ironically brought on mainly by the dairy industry.  I personally limit my soy intake overall, feeling to much of anything is not a good thing. 

I am not even suggesting you have to drink soy milk.  I am simply reminding everyone the other replacements do not have any protein and can be high in sugar.   Thanks for the response, it's all confusing but that's why we are here :)

I like that JD,...just like you said:  " to much of anything is not a good thing". i currently use soy milk , coconut milk , rice milk , almond milk, they are all in my pantry and frig,...soooooo-  i mix it up, i diversify, i use common sense and i listen to my body and    choose them all.  My favorite for just plane drinking is " vanilla soy milk" that could be attributed to the fact that it was my  first "alternative"  (Westbrae back in the day) and so the taste is  familiar. I like almond and coconut when i am craving fat. Rice is lite and refreshing. Soy is always scrumptious.

Thank April, you are right. Hemp milk is not quite as easily accessible, but 5 grams of protein is better than most.  I have only tried Hemp in ice cream and protein powder form.  But I did not care for the taste :(


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