I know this is slightly off topic of vegetarianism... But I for one adore cats so much!

There's a Café opening in London tomorrow, dedicated to cats. The videos on the website are adorable. Is anyone intending to go there? :P

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Now those look like happy cats. Nothing like that exists where I live but so far I have fun with stray dogs when the tables are outside :)

That sounds so nice ;3

hmm.. Just now i watched the video.. Really very beautiful video exhibiting the variety of delectable and exquisite Cats and i adore Cats. I am feeling very happy that from 1 March 2014 the Cafe is Opening in London, dedicated to Cats and i wish more and more Cafe should be Opened in different Cities dedicated to Cats.

Awwhh adorable! I'm so glad they're doing things like this :P

Like in Japan ! Nice


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