So I have just been out for an indian meal with the hubby who is meat eater :( was nice finding somewhere we both enjoyed and they were so helpful and cooked mine in oil not ghee and took out cream etc. At the end they bout choc mints. Now I have only been vegan for a month and normally check everything but had read after eights were ok for vegan somewhere so thought doesn't matter if I have packaging and as they are my faves thought i'd have them. well I have come home been on a website and saw that in actual fact they are not and now have butterfat in them :( :( I feel so so guilty and it has made me physically sick because of it. Feel awful I have broken my promise :(

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Hey Michelle,  the fact that you felt guilt shows you believe it what you're doing in choosing to be vegan. You shouldn't make yourself sick or dwell on what you did though.  Choosing to become vegan doesn't suddenly mean we are perfect.  All lifestyle changes come with challenges, questions and the potential for mistakes. The best we can do is learn from any mistakes we make and use that new knowledge to improve and guide our future decision. Well done on begin vegan keep up the good work :)

I didn't have the packaging joao though that is the problem. I though I would trust my instincts and knowledge of what I have learned so far and had them. Trouble is since found out the are not vegan. I am thinking of ethics. I have switched to vegan shoes trying to buy less food packaging products changed my shoes to vegan etc. As I say though I have only been vegan a month and Rome wasn't built in a day. I do think of it as a promise though to. I don't see why that is wrong? I have learnt tho Duncan, I will not trust what I have read on forums I will not eat anything I do not have the packaging too. I was sick as it made me feel so ill and iky thinking about it and everything I have researched when deciding to become vegan. :(

I think we all hit the occasional bump on our journeys. Mine involved 14yrs vegetarian then 1 month carnivore (big bump, long story!) and now 5 months Vegan.  Even with packaging it's still really hard sometimes especially when ingredients are just listed as flavours, colours or even just a number.  I like the website for information about all things vege and vegan and the site is also great for finding vegan wines, beers etc. 

Calm down. It was an accident. Next time don't but it. Don't feel bad for what you didn't knew.

Hi Michelle,

   Try not to beat yourself up. I'm not a vegan (a vegetarian) but I know that we can't always be perfect. Sometimes we make mistakes. It is in our intent that matters the most- You didn't go out of your way to eat the fat you just didn't know. Life is a learning experience and you'll probably mess up a few times on your journey, we all do. If you really need further comfort there are animal products in sugar and in our  bike tires, It is almost impossible to do everything perfectly- so focus on what your goal is and your intent. Your impact makes a difference, even when we aren't perfect.


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