My husband and I often take our young grand children to McDonalds play room, and for lunch. Now that I am vegan, what can I order that has no meat or cheese, etc? My husband and grand children are not vegans. I am looking for a vegan solution for myself.

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I'm not sure why anyone would want to eat or feed their grandchildren mcdonalds? no offence, my siblings get fed it all the time and it disturbs me because of its mass crap content.

Pretty sure the only thing vegan you're gonna get there is fries. Ask for some bread and you got yourself a chip butty? 

I can't change my son and daughter in law. They will feed their children meat, at McDonalds or at home. I often tell them. We take them to McDonalds for the play room. My husband eats, meat, but is very supportive of me being vegan, and is on his way. Don't be too quick to judge me.

I'm not it just so happens that is still astounds me that people feed children that stuff. Like I stated my siblings are also fed it and it annoys me for various reasons, but I get its because of convenience etc. And I also offered a suggestion of what you could eat? But as far as I'm aware Mc Donalds aren't even vegetarian friendly, at least not in the UK anyway. 

I decided to bring one of my vegetable patty's with me. But as I said, I would love to change what my son and daughter in law feeds their children, but they don't listen.  My daughter in law is going with us today, so what else can I say? But I decided that when their mother isn't with us, I will order them juice, or an apple. No more happy meals. 

Sounds good to me. I know the feeling and the predicament you're in. Its best to keep things good between family anyway especially in regards to diet as it can be a sensitive issue. Children grow up and make their own decision at the end of it all anyhow :) 

Sorry if you felt I was judge mental, I didn't mean to come across so harshly. 

Forgiven. I know you didn't mean to come down hard on me. I'm just a little over sensitive.

You may not be able to control what their parents feed them, but they will learn that when they are in the presence of grandma, they will eat clean...and they will remember this example and make their own decisions when they are adults.  Someone has to educate and present an alternative of reason and health and that can be your job: to be the example.

The only thing I can eat at McDonalds is their salads. You can eat their fries as well, but be careful because they sometimes cook their fries in the same oil as they do their nuggets and other meat products.

ACTUALLLY... their fries and deep fryers use a big brick of lard that melts down into the oil. NARSTY

I've just read Mc Donalds fries are only vegan/vegetarian in the UK and India. They are fried in veg oil over here and beef fat everywhere else. 

So no Chip butty for you. 

I looked it up and found out that the fries are flavored with beef before being frozen and and bagged. Bread contains egg and milk.:(

Fries are made it with animal fat not oil. So its not vegan either. Dont support mc donalds, bburguer king and all that shit if you are vegan or veggie. Even if they sell veggie food. Its not correct support crimimals because sometimes they want to offer meals for such people.


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