I was offered an extra strong mint today. Nothing unusual in that I hear you say,. But, before I put it in my mouth I thought I'd read the ingredients list. Contains Bovine Gelatine!!! Could not believe it, what's a meat product doing in a mint? Just goes to show how careful we have to be. Anyone else been caught out?

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there is COUNTLESS times I have eaten something and later found out it wasn't vegetarian. It grosses me out but I take it as a lesson learned and I avoid it in the future. I try not to get too upset about it.

Yup. Mini pizza that used a non-vegetarian cheese, and a yoghurt that had gelatine.

did you eat it?

nice topic, i am gonna hve to check my altoids.

I'd say things like that happen all the time. Can you be absolutely sure your bottle of nice wine is produced without gelatine? Most of the time you can't. Some say ok, I'll only drink wine when I can be absolutely sure -- but then, this is just ONE example. So I think best thing to do is: try hard to avoid (dead) animal products, stay informed as well as you can in order to do so, and if it happened anyways: never mind, knowledge and capabilities result from experience.

BTW: This general problem could be reduced dramatically if all substances used for producing food had to be listed somewhere, not just those ultimately ending up in the product. In your case, you could read it in the ingredients list, but gelatine will never be an ingredient in e.g. wine. But then: with vegetarians/vegans being a minority in most countries, there's probably no political pressure possible for such a change.

Marshmallows.  I didn't know they contained gelatin   I was so mad for a while, until I found that there are vegan marshmallows.  Have yet to try them, can't wait.  

At a new years dinner several years ago with the family of my new gf back than, I got some pre dish which they assured was completely without meat. So in all good faith I started eating, noticing immediatly the bacon flavor, so without thinking I spit out all the food on the table in front of my gf's family :). I got wiser since and didn't have to spit out my food anymore.

Take a look at what's in Gummy Bears and Ju Ju Fruit candies sometime. Same thing... 

Wow! I am learning so much. Between looking for ingredients wo amimals and anything not made by Monsanto, the list of things we can eat is getting so small :(

Many times. It took me a little while to discover how many things have gelatine in them such as yoghurts, sour cream, a LOT of candy and most cheese has rennet in it. It can be a learning curve. Just got to remember to always read the ingredients. =)

I had a bottle of BBQ sauce that I bought from Walmart which turned out to contain anchovies :0 and I thought the same thing what on earth is anchovies doing in this bottle. This was years ago but I sure felt horrible! We learn as we go along

Ooooh yes, a few times. When I was in Spain, we went to an Indian restaurant, and I had this very nice dessert... I aksed many times if it had dairy, the waiter couldn't really speak English, but assured me it was dairy free. Well, later on, I told my mum, and low and behold, it is made with dairy products xD


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