I was offered an extra strong mint today. Nothing unusual in that I hear you say,. But, before I put it in my mouth I thought I'd read the ingredients list. Contains Bovine Gelatine!!! Could not believe it, what's a meat product doing in a mint? Just goes to show how careful we have to be. Anyone else been caught out?

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Casein. I had non-dairy cheese substitutes with it in them, until I learned what it was. Also anything with "tallow" in it is made from animals, but I knew that one before I turned vegan.

Yes! My favourite chocolate chip cookies contain beef fat :( Is it that hard to use butter?? Or oil, if we're talking vegan! 

Constantly having to read the label - and more than not having to say no.. there is so MANY things with animals or palm oil in them... ggrrrrr

Check out the list of these "E numbers" that you must be careful with...

Oh my GOD. That means no ice cream and treats or whatsoever for me. They always have these colourings. Thanks for that!

Happened to me a few years ago, I was offered Altoids and then read the ingredients.   What's gelatin doing in there?   YUK!!!


1. Cadbury's Chocolate Roses! I love them, I can eat 10 of them at one sitting (60 calories/rose) because they have delectable fillings of various flavours (rose, mint, toffee etc. UNTIL I read the ingredient list: GELATIN. Oh well, I'd been eating cartilages and bones in my treat. Well, no more chocolate rose. Good reason to keep them at bay too (besides from watching my weight)

2. Stir-fried vegetables at economy rice stalls. Some are honest, ALL veggies but some have some sneaky bits of shrimp or anchovies. One must be EXTRA careful at this.

3. Veggie curry (which often contains salted fish), again, this happens when I'm not careful when eating out.

I don't understand why the hawkers need to add flesh into their otherwise honest and yummy vegetable dishes. Just move on and be careful, I say.

As for candies, I think the safest way to go is look for candies made by Mother Nature. With that been said, I mean berries and fruits. They are vegan and healthier than commercial candy too! Otherwise, make your own if you're hardworking. :P

Some jams (in America I think they are called jelly) smear a pig fat glaze over the top to make it look shiny when you open the lid for the first time. :(

There are plenty of stupid things like this, in France there are grated carrots with fish extracts, chips with milk!

almost nothing is safe!  but be veg long enough and it takes all of about 1/2 a second to scan a label for stuff we can't eat.

M&M's are coated with insect!  The shellac beetle to be precise!

Mono and di-glycerides are usually not vegetarian, as it's a fat...it will specify veg. mono and di glycerides

Yup I know Altoids have gelatin. And Peek Freans cookies have beef fat or some such thing in them so they're not even vegetarian. Leave it to the Brits. :P


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