Environmental Impact of Factory Farming Vs. Petroleum Industries

The use of petroleum products is closely linked to almost all aspects of human life. It is also fair to say the same is true of factory farming if not more so. So why is it there seems to be no real move to stop or find better solutions to feed the world. Why isn't the harmful effects to the environment marketed and advertised to the population who is largely uninformed?  Why are members of our government introducing legislation that would essentially make it illegal to garden on your own property?

The unmanageable amount of waste, manure used as organic fertilizer in smaller holdings to become dangerous pollutants, pig factory farms for example dump waste after being mixed with water containing antibiotics and metals from animal feed in lagoons and then sprayed on croplands which in turn  contaminate the air, water and soil.

Maybe the mission needs to be more of an environmental outcry than one of compassion.

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I think that the corporations who make money off those practices have done everything they can to keep people uninformed and misinformed. Companies like Monsanto, Kraft, Pepsi-cola, etc, do everything they can to prevent anti GMo labeling laws, push bills through government that make it cheap for them
To keep growing unhealthy food. Oil companies have suppressed pollution standards, finding for renewable energy, encourage the is of disposable plastic item, etc. this only touches on it.
I think the mission is more of environmental outcry but even more so of keeping corporations out of government and returning resources like farmland and even oil fields to the local populations.


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