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I'm a teen vegetarian, and I was just wondering if there is anything wrong with eating eggs from our own, well cared for, chickens. Since there is absolutely no cruelty involved, is there anything wrong with eating their eggs?

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Thanks for the reply :) I will check it out!

personaly, i dont think theres anything wrong with it. they lay the eggs anyway and you will only thro them out otherwise. but alot of others have good reasons not to. i think if you just hav to do wot feels right for you.

It depends on the philosophy driving your choices. If radically antispeciesist, your philosophy would state that animals are not to be used by humans, not even for 'company' purposes. If your philosphy is milder, or if you consider our present historical phase a transitional one, maybe you would say 'yes' to the eggs of your hens. In general, eggs are not a great food, anyway. Furthermore: domesticated hens lay their eggs as a consequence of centuries of selection and 'construction' of "productive" races...! If slowly taken back to "wild type" conditions, they would lay their eggs in nests in tree and would brood them, as all other birds... :-)

I personally don't see a problem with it.  So long as you are treating them well, and they're getting all of their needs cared for, then go ahead.  They're going to lay these eggs anyway, so the alternative would be to what, throw the eggs away?  I suppose you could give them to your neighbors.  But if you want to eat eggs, this would be the best way to do it, IMHO.

Thanks for the replies everyone. :)

Hello :) Here is a great article that talks about this issue in detail and depth. Some great vegan egg-free options: The Vegg and Hampton Creek



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