The first time I mentioned that I wanted to become a vegetarian I was told it was just another way for me to mask this "eating disorder" I apparently have. Well that is not the case. Do some people do this??

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Also, if anyone has an eating disorder, I am truly sorry for the triggering comment left by one member, which is insensitive and disgusting (about bulimia). Don't let their ignorance make you feel bad xoxo You deserve respect, like every other member of this forum.

I think people fear vegetarianism because they don't understand it and think it is strange. When I was 14 my mom supported me becoming a vegetarian, while her friends were abhorred. They said I would lose weight and develop eating disorders. Clearly, this is just due to ignorance and stigma. 10 years later I have neither gained weight or lost weight, and I have no eating disorders. If vegetarians turn out to be healthier than meat eaters I think it is because we are more aware of what we eat and how to fulfill our needs.

I believe the people who use vegetarianism for dieting, rarely stick to it. So, they are no real vegetarians, they merely choose to not eat meat for a couple of months.

Anyway, the people who told you that were rude and disrespectful and you shouldn't mind them!

I am in recovery from an eating disorder that nearly took my life. I found while in treatment that it is common for people to claim to be vegan as a way to hide food restriction, as a way to avoid eating. There's so much shame and guilt and self hatred associated with eating disorders that this can be an easy way to save face in front of friends and family.

That being said, to assume a vegan has an Ed is ridiculous. And also not ever person with an Ed that is a vegan is using it as an excuse. I certainly wasn't.
I have met some vegetarians that do it only for weight loss reasons but as long as you know you don't have one just don't worry about it. Just tell them the real reason you wanna do it

There are some scientific studies that point to meat and other products like high-fructose corn syrup to eating disorder. The fact is, people are unknowingly pulled into eating disorder because of such food products.. 

If someone wants to stay away from such garbage and convert to a healthy lifestyle,, haters are gonna hate..


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