I want to download movies and music using torrents...Any advice?

Do I have to download a software first?  Someone just gave me a site called "kickasstorrents" but I am still not sure what to do, or how to do it.


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I use piratebay.com and have had no problems with it.

First download a torrent client like uTorrent.

Afterwards, download .torrent files from either Kickasstorrents, or ThePirateBay, or any other torrent tracker and open it using the torrent client.

There is also legal music on:



Firstly, download a software called "Bittorrent" here. It's a torrent download manager by which you can automatically download multiple items.There are two versions but you just need the free one.

Secondly, go to the largest torrent search engine here to search for what you want and you will be leaded to the related torrent sites. Download the torrent files from those sites and open them with Bittorrent. Sit back and wait until the items are completely downloaded into your pc.

You must scan whatever files which are downloaded through torrent with an antivirus before opening them. Use this free one: http://360safe.com/totalsecurity.html


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