Hello friends,

I am planning to start a Youtube channel on vegan dorm-room meals next year, so that I can hopefully help vegan college students to prep meals on a budget and need not resort to processed prepackaged dinners.

So far, I know how to make simple stuff like salads, kettle soups, oatmeal and pasta with soy sauce. I am short of ideas on anything else, such as desserts (besides fruit salads). 

The food should be made with minimal utensils, i.e. no refrigerator, no microwave, no hot-plate, no rice cooker (if possible)... just kettle or raw.

Hopefully these can help other college vegans or those aspiring to eat healthier because eating out can be very expensive. Your ideas are much appreciated!

Thank you very much!

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I might try the granola bars but I can't make the rest as blenders are banned :( Can only do them at home...

Anyway thanks Poonam!

That literally sounds incredible. cheers!

Thanks William! Good luck though without the access to vegan butter and refrigerator. haha

Thanks Stephan! I'll look into them. Previously I've visited some raw vegan sites too. 80% of the recipes are not dorm-friendly :(

As far as I know, salads sans fancy dressing are definitely dorm-friendly. LOL

Hopefully I can help vegan collegiates and students who wish to eat healthier but have limited access to kitchen equipment. Fingers-crossed, a raw recipe that's dorm-friendly and not another salad...

I'll reply to you via message,Stephan :)


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