Many forums and reports are coming in about Beneful and pet owners are sharing their horror stories about the death of their pets because of Beneful! I want to make you all aware that this brand is not safe!

These are the symptoms people are saying their pets have displayed:
Excessive water drinking
Weight loss
Bloat (this is life threatening to a dog)
Kidney failure
Liver failure
Please boycott this brand and be very careful what you are feeding your pets!

If you'd like more info- check out the Facebook page comments- you'll see multiple owners complaints!

I know a few people personally whose dogs have died because of this brand so I can assure you this is true!

While there is nothing 'official' out on this yet this is a very real threat to our pets. Beneful has been accused of hiding things in the past and they are at it again.

I know you all love your pets and I wanted to share this with you! I am starting to make my own vegan dog food- I want to know what my pets are eating and I do not trust Companies like Beneful, Iams, Purina, or any commercial dog food for that matter!

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Did you try calling like they asked you to?

Update: I called the company today to discuss with them the reason they are using Propylene Glycol in their pet food. (suspected reason why pets are dying).

Propylene Glycol is an active ingredient found in ANTI FREEZE- Not to be confused with it's sister chemical Ethylene Glycol (the stronger of the two)

Propylene Glycol is known to cause liver and kidney failure in animals throug continued consumption.

By feeding their dogs Beneful over a period of time- people are unknowingly poisoning their pets- once the levels of propylene glycol have reached a high- the pet starts to show signs of damage, and in many cases it is too late to save them.

Banned in other countries for use as an additive, Beneful says that "propylene glycol is not harmful to their knowledge and is legal to use as a pet food additive in the U.S except in cat food".

What i want to know is

#1- why in the HELL would anyone put an ingredient found in anti freeze in pet food?

#2- Why Beneful/Purina is not addressing the facts. Propylene Glycol has been found to be harmful- why are they not accepting it and LYING about it?

They are deleting peoples comments on their Facebook page and trying to spin off the issue as a 'rumor'

-I know of three people so far who have gotten toxicology reports done on their dogs and all have come back with this chemical in their system, and all of the dogs were on beneful.

Aside from those there are tons of other complaints and people having problems like this with Beneful

This is a very real problem.

Beneful has had multiple complaints and and recalls throughout the years, and this is no different. As a big corporate company who does not want bad publicity I was told here was nothing to worry about and that Beneful products are harmless.

I beg to differ seeing that all signs point to the opposite.

I urge you all to be careful and PLEASE do not feed your fur babies Purina brand feed.

If you want my opinion- it's part of the money making. They feed you food that will make you sick, then they make money when your pet is ill. That might be a cynical way to view the world, but I've read and seen a lot to affirm this. Doesn't help that especially in things like our healthcare, the FDA regulates both medicine and food safety. Conflict of interests, anyone? I've heard so many terrible things about commercial dog food- if I ever adopt a doggy into my family, I will definitely be cooking for him from scratch, like any other family member. Doesn't help some brands use chopped up, euthanized dogs in their "formulas". *Cough* *IAMS* *Cough*

I agree! I am so disgusted with ALL commercial pet food I am vehemently searching for home made alternatives with all the good stuff they need- I cannot trust big money hungry companies with the health of my dogs- its not happening. I've read lots into the Iams too- its SO horrifying :(

I loved how as I'm speaking to the PR person on the phone that she kept repeating how much Purina loves animals- and the whole time I'm thinkin' yeah- you love animals because your company exploits them and their health to make money...

Gah- this world makes me loco sometimes!

This is such an important topic, thank you for posting. A lot of people don't think to check their pet's food, I was VERY surprised when I learned all of this information. Very horrifying, I agree >:(! 

"you love animals because your company exploits them and their health to make money..."

HAHAHA that is SPOT ON! And IAMS, calling themselves the caring brand for dogs... pfftttttt sometimes I wonder if they're not just laughing their heads off in some conference room as they come up with these ridiculous campaigns.

I had been feeding my dog whatever was cheapest due to being on a limited income...mostly Beneful or Kibbles and Bits. A close friend told me about the additives and I started checking around for brands that did not have "anti freeze" listed in the ingredients. My dog never experienced any symptoms while eating Kibbles and Bits or Beneful; however, there's no way I will feed him something that MIGHT turn out to be lethal. Corporations are adding too many non-edible things to foods for both pets and humans and I won't buy into that.


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