Hi, I´m new to vegetarianism. I have two dogs and a cat and I don´t know if they should be vegetarians like me. Help me please and sorry for my bad english =)

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Dogs have been by our side for 80,000 years and have become omnivorous so a vegan diet would be fine. The best thing for cats is to let them do what they do best, hunt (though they cuddle up pretty well too lol)

This can be a touchy subject. I studied animal biology and I know that cats are 'obligate' carnivores which basically means they need to eat meat to survive. They require taurine to be healthy and this is derived from animals. As for dogs, although they are technically carnivores, in the wild they are also scavengers and will survive on plant based foods. So they can be fed a vegetarian diet. 
I have a dog and did think about feeding him a vegetarian diet, but I love my animals so so much, they are my family and I will think about them before all the other animals on the planet. My dog WANTS meat. He's had veggie meals but nothing makes him light up and happy more than his meat. If I put down meat and something veggie he will choose the meat every time. This is what he wants and it's what makes him happy, I feel like he should have that choice as he can't feed himself. So I feed him meat. But that's just me. =) 

I think that we should not mess with nature. Mother nature can at time be a nasty old witch and animals eating other animals is one of those things. Forcing an animal to eat food it has not evolved into eating can have serious consequences. The meat industry is doing the same thing....teaching all animals to eat corn cuz its cheap. This causes severe digestive problems and sickness among them, cows especially. Of course they dont care because they are going to kill them anyway. Now on that same note, that is why I dont eat meat because it is unnatural. I dont have claws, cant catch food wo tools, and cant eat it raw. Animals dying to feed another is a fact of life we have to accept. At the same time, when the carnivore dies, his body gives life to the plants. Messing with food chains, not a good idea.

Lots of post on Reddit today about this, everyone's jumping on the link-karma train after a controversial post about a vegan kitten dying. Just as I was preparing to eat a bunch of downvotes by getting on my high horse about how pets aren't property, they deserve freedom of choice, etc., I decided to do a little research. Turns out the stuff that goes into pet food is much, much worse that hot dogs and and almost as bad as Arby's. Beaks, claws, intestines, other cats and dogs. 

Furthermore, PETA actually did something useful for a change and sponsored a long-term study of vegetarian and vegan dogs. In all common dog ailments tested over the course of several years, the veggie dogs did better than meat eaters, except urinary problem in large-breed dogs. 

I didn't really get into the cat stuff as I don't have one, but lots of people think they need meat.

If PETA sponsored it, wouldnt you think it would be severely biased? Im just saying

They paid, but the study was all done by independent vets. I'm always leery of PETA too but this all looked legit.

Thanks Joe, that is a very helpful addition to the topic.

The PETA research (whatever we hold / or not/ against them) should be interesting.

I have a snake, but she is not vegetarian, but I dont think they could be.

Nice. What kind of snake do you have? I used to have a California King snake. I had to feed her fresh born mice. She was a baby herself. Got sick and died though ;(

What the vet told me was that dogs do not need meat but cats do. I feed 8 cats and as to the comment of that a person shouldn't have animals that need to eat meat, all 8 of these cats were taken out of the woods and would be dead now if I didn't have them. So I should have left them out there to fend for themselves? No way, I would never do that.

Thank you for rescuing them :)....I think it is.more honorable to bring a pet home, whether from the street or the shelter, and commit your time and ur finances to care for these animals than to abstain from eating meat.

I'm so glad that every one of them found me. When each found me, there was no question of what to do, there was only one thing to do, give them a home. I could never look the other way and pass them by, though I know a lot of people who would and who do. So while I won't eat meat for that same love of and compassion for animals, I won't deprive these poor sweet souls from having what their bodies are naturally meant to have. Plus, let's face it, you can't make cats eat what they don't want! Or do anything they don't want, for that matter! lol


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