Hi, I´m new to vegetarianism. I have two dogs and a cat and I don´t know if they should be vegetarians like me. Help me please and sorry for my bad english =)

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Hi ...i also have two dogs an 11 yr old Mum and her son a 9 yr old boy and 1 cat...they are not vego ...I have been for 25 yrs ...its a huge dichotomy but essentially not vegetarian but with a good attention they can live on a vego diet,,,Paul McCartney s dog i am led to believe live to 26 he was a vego and had his own chef,,, 

Hello hello :) I know a dog can be a vegetarian, I hear conflicting things about cats though. When I adopt a puppy, he will be a vegan ^-^ And I'll cook for him at home like all my family. 

I don't think dogs can be vegan. I think they are carnivores. They have a small digestive system that is made for meat. And if they eat vegetables they won't absorb everything they need because it will go through them too fast. We have a long digestive system that supports both meat and vegetables but resembles more of a herbivores tract. So eating vegan is better for us.

Please don't jump down my back but that is what I know, and my two cents.

Hi, I know the dogs can be veg, but the for cats I think it's very difficult and against their nature as it is for us to be carnivores. This is the great dilemma and guilt that I have with my cats. Sorry for my english...

Yep you are right. Dogs are omnivores and cats are true carnivores. They have completely different guts. So dogs can be vegan but cats can't unfortunately.

I didn't know cats could eat vegan! That's awesome!

Amazing news on the vegan front :)

Dogs are omnivores and can eat vegan. When it comes to cats they are carnivores, so I believe, it is against their nature for them to only eat vegan. I know it might be very tough for a vegan to accept this and feed their pets meat, but think of it from another point of view: you go vegan because of your love for animals and in order to stop their suffering; if you feed your cat vegan this is just a different way of forcing an animal doing something they don't naturally want to do and is another form of animal rights violation. Just like you wouldn't stop a lion from hunting because it's natural. I would say just try to buy some good quality cat food or meat products that's origin can be tracked down and that comes from small, free-range farms, rather than buying those massive pet food brand products.

The fact that dog food companies are using corn and wheat is what is the problem with their health now. Dogs and cats should eat meat not grain. Vegetables are not going to hurt dogs but they need high protein and fat in their diet. They do not have the right enzymes to digest grain. The fact that you have to buy a supplement should tell you something. We should not have to buy supplements either but the quality of our foods have diminished as well. And anyone who would even think to feed cats a vegan diet should be charged with animal cruelty.


I've never had any pets but there used to be stray cats near my house eating random food from the neighborhood. I don't think they got any meat to eat. But they usually live for many years and multiply too. The only meat they could have eaten was rats I guess.

Someone made a post about how their cat is vegan! I think that's so excellent. We are still learning a lot about human nutrition, I wonder really how much research has been done on animals we just label as obligate carnivores.

They are eating mice and rats to get meat, believe it. There is an article on Mother Nature Network, What would happen if cats disappeared from the Earth. Ecologically speaking it would be disastrous! Just due to the over population of rodents alone and where that would lead, check it out.


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