Hi, I´m new to vegetarianism. I have two dogs and a cat and I don´t know if they should be vegetarians like me. Help me please and sorry for my bad english =)

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If you buy commercial dog food, that's my first concern. It's not healthy. They even put in recycled "pets" inside most major brands. Kind of contrary to loving your dog. Dogs can also be healthy and vegan. Even if your dog *did* need meat to live optimally (they don't) the healthiest option, since you are so concerned with their health- is to make their food at home like you would your other family members. Also you would be better off going out and killing their food yourself if you insist on them eating meat- gets rid of the chemicals in your pet food and you don't benefit a horrible industry. But then you'd have to directly kill the dead animals your animal eats and then you wouldn't be able to avoid the fact that you're- you know- killing animals.So I guess in the sense I don't murder animals because I'm not ignorant about dogs then yea, I guess I am better :) Your words, not mine.

Why not adopt a bunny if you are so ignorant about what dogs can eat? I swear, just anyone can own a dog nowadays. It's also disgusting you find putting a dog on a healthy diet which doesn't require murder but a little bit of effort on your part is "holier than thou" and "extreme." I find owning a pet and feeding it butchered pets because I'm lazy and ignorant to be more extreme. Guess actually loving animals makes me kind of one-sided on the butchering of animals to feed other animals (that don't need it) type deal.


,,,i just wonder do you have a furry friend?

 .... to create a vegetarian diet is really quite something for the human ..... to take on that for another being that is indeed not vegetarian is something else  ...   to meet all nutritional elements and health aspects would be, i imagine very expensive and a bit tricky too...

...it is a hard one for me the very righteous vego.. but it is that way..

,,,,but still i would agree  look a vego pet diets available... talk to various vets....i have looked at some processed vego pet foods but is it any good ?   what is the best?  will they like it?

so this one is for Lauren Woods

Not really. Because there are plant sources for everything but cholesterol. Even taurine was once ignorantly thought to be inherent in meat. Not tricky at all... it's tricky only when you are ignorant about what your pet needs.

This is the main reason i cant get my Shiba Inu :(

Wow .... i wonder if tyou closer to the answer....

...being vegetarian we open ourselves to righteousness,,,,,,

i would never have thought that i would ever have two dogs and a cat being a longtime vegan/vego  ..but they have taught me that there are some really nice people in the world who are not vegetarian and god is not in your cooking pot

you already have your animals,,, family no doubt to you...always if you are good in the kitchen its nice to add some vegetarian elements...


Amen brother :)

Hi, I'm looking after 5 stray cats... (one week ago the mother cat brought 4 little babies, they are all adorable :)) )

I went to a vet immediately. I asked her if I can feed the mother cat with anything vegetarian or should I give her meat. She said, it's very important for a mother cats to eat meat daily. She also mentioned it's ok for dogs to eat only vegetables. 

You're correct when you say it's okay. It's not optimum or complete.

Actually according to science, it is ;) But don't research, I'd hate for you to have to simply change your pets diets just to save the lives of other animals. How selfish and radical.

I have 2 cats and 2 dogs, I have tryed to feed them vegan food since me and my bf r both vegans for few mnths now ( still learning and switching products), our dogs eat almost anything we give to them, so veganism for them in the future would not be a problem. 

But our cats r so used to the grocery store products they wont even eat biologically made cat food (or anything i consider healthier than normal cat food from grocery stores). I have tryed to mix and match to hide the veggie products into the meat food, but they smartypants dig all real meat out and leave the veggies be, and even if i dont fill the cup at the next meal time with new meat product they wont touch the food, but just be without eating anything. I cant force them and i cant keep them in hunger either. They r healthy tho and im not worryed about them, it just feels rly bad to me that other animals have to die for my cats to have theyr lunch. does anyone have any ideas, or experience from this kinda situation? is there a way to maybe make my cats like vegan products? Also for cats what kinda nutrition should i be aware of on making these changed on my dear cats life.

Thank you for reading! xx

Hi, i have 2 cats and i dog and my cats eat meat and fish as it is not generally healthy for them to eat a all veggie diet...My dog, zoe eats half meat and half veggie diet. she has skin issues and so i have to vary her diet up a bit...she does love steamed veggies and brown rice and she loves veggie patties...she will eat dry salads and also fresh veggies.


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