Hi, I´m new to vegetarianism. I have two dogs and a cat and I don´t know if they should be vegetarians like me. Help me please and sorry for my bad english =)

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Wow! Jade likes her tofurkey, eh? I think I just fell in love with your kitty hee hee xo I'm very impressed you put so many veggies into your baby's diet :)

My cats eat vegan food it's supplemented with all the nutrients they need and is approved etc i do believe cats are carnivores but I didn't go out of my way to get my cats one was found in a drain and the other was rescued from a hoarder . They are both very happy and healthy but when switching any foods it must be done gradually and make sure you purchase something supplemented otherwise it could be detrimental for their health :)

Very lovely advice ^-^

Awweeee <3 That is so cute :) Smart kitty!

Yes, I give them what they were meant to eat for their optimum health.

They don't need meat to survive or even for optimal health. So your pets can also live a kind life, as all life matters to you I know this might make you feel better to know. No more need to support meat with your money.

Dogs are not people, fish, cats, snakes, bugs, etc.... are not people. People are people. You should not impose your diet on an animal who may be able to "survive" on plant food rather than starve, but who won't thrive on it. You may think they're okay, they may appear okay but you have no idea if you're causing dental decay, shortening their life, increasing their sucepitbility to tumors, cancer, any number of things.

Animals who kill other animals in nature are not unethical. You do understand that don't you?

Too bad it's been proven that dogs and cats are not obligate carnivores? Unless you own a lion I'm not aware of. Also maybe you should not own a pet that you have to support with meat, so you're not giving money to the meat industry- as you are so big on saving human life. Or are children's lives expendables for the sake of you having the pet that you wanted? Good to know that if it benefits you, it's okay :)

Muddle, muddle, muddle...

Facts, facts, facts... Though ad hominem is great when you're stuck in a corner. Enjoy the murder meat. The other dead animals thank you.

They really can. I find it so sad that some people refuse to even try. Seeking an animal nutritionist or speaking with a vet could be helpful. You are right, people need to research! This discussion is good because now members don't have an excuse to at least not try :) I find it really bizarre to feed your animal who you love the corpses of other animals, especially ones which do not need to eat that way.

Amen Sister :)


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