Zoos are premises for the captivity of animals, often in urban areas where many of the animals would not otherwise be found, with the intention of studying the animals and displaying them to the public at large.The first modern zoo evolved out of an aristocratic menagerie in Vienna in 1765. Many types of zoo now exist, from the petting zoos that encourage the public to get up and close with the animals to the large nature reserves that provide space for the animals to roam around within, to urban zoos.Some argue that zoos are beneficial both to the animals themselves, protecting endangered species with specific breeding programs, and the public, as an educational tool to increase both awareness and understanding.Others think that the removal of wild animals from their habitat is wrong, that they should be left in their natural surroundings and not used as tools for public entertainment.Do you think animals should be in Zoo's or not?Do zoo serve the purpose of us understanding the animal Kingdom?What are your thoughts and opinions?

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I have a hard time on whether or not I think animals should be kept in zoos. I think there are a lot of programs or zoos that actually benefit the animals where they are treated correctly. However; there are also plenty of zoos that don't have the animals best interest in mind. (I'm from the states and most of our zoos are pretty great, I've seen a lot of horror stories of zoos that are overseas.) I think there should be a lot more laws in place when it comes to animals. If there were laws about the size of the area the animal was kept, how the animal is interacted with, and how the animal is brought into the zoo I don't think I would have any problems at all. I kind of think about it like I do eggs. My sister has chickens who are free to do whatever and whenever they want. They lay eggs and she eats them. I see a big issue with factory farm eggs and have issues with it, but when eggs are done correctly (like at my sisters) I don't see an issue. Just the like zoo, if everything is done correctly I don't have an issue, it's when they start mistreating the animals that it becomes an issue.

This is how animals live in most zoos around the world. 

Mendoza Zoo

As long as zoos have policies not to abuse the animals or use them for sadistic entertainment, then I'm fine. Zoos help animals not live in the treacherous environment their ancestors did. Feline animals in Africa are starving as I write this from their difficulty in getting food in the wild. So, them being zoo animals would keep them fed better. Also, zoos can help educate people by letting them see the animal move in real life, too. So, I am for zoos.

Confining wild animals or any animals for that matter is insanely inhumane. The only way I see it is acceptable is in the large open wild animal parks that actual protect them from hunters and poachers. We don't need to understand the wild kingdom. Let them live in nature. Humans need to stop using and abusing them.


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