Do you find it odd that people will talk about animals suffering while they eat a hamburger?

2 vegans, a vegetarian and 2 meat eaters huddled around a BBQ (this sounds like a joke hahaha) So the vegetarian says we should pay respect to the animals that gave their lives for the meat patties cooking in front of us. We all agree and then the meat eaters start talking about how the animals suffer for us to eat meat & that they saw footage of cows being killed in an Indonesian slaughterhouse and were scarred for life.

You would think that they would not want to contribute to the cruelty but they are quite happy to eat their meat patties.

Can you explain their actions? or Have you had experience with similar situations? I'm baffled :/

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That is odd, but I guess they didn't see it that way. It's just way too easy in many countries to buy meat of all kinds, which is a big issue. So, to them, it's just second nature. To give you an example: Since around 9 or 10 year sold, I thought it was unusual and wrong to eat meat, but I thought it was necessary to live. It wasn't until I was able to look into veganism (thank you internet) that I was able to learn what I needed to know. I had to go it alone, but I'm sure people who are not as strong on their own will find it difficult to move forward with anything that is not seen to be normal or otherwise acceptable by their family and friends. Luckily, I was the one who learned, and was then able to relay the information to some family and friends who have been both understanding and accommodating. Also, some people who want to transition do so as part of a slow process. Some will never stop. You may not hear this often, but I think some people have a meat-eating addiction!

It's a disconnect.

yes yes agree with all...also when people have pets and say they LOVE animals...whilst biting into a pork's truly ridiculous. i always pull them up on the hypocrisy.


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