Not animal..Not grows really fast..althought they are a kind of children from the ground...some rain, some sun and they appear!!!

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I eat them at least 3 times a week.

Mushrooms are a fungus, but they are still a plant. Technically, vegetarian or vegan is a PLANT diet, not necessarily vegetables. So, short answer, yes. Vegans eat mushrooms.

but they taste sooooo yummy cooked in garlic!! >.< lol

Yeah Amberlynn, they are fungus. Therefor they are so acidic as meat. I am on pH diet (acid-alkaline balance), I do not eat them. Mushrooms were my favorite in any form. But when I have gone vegan, I could not eat them anymore. More aware, I could tell, it wasn`t good for me.

eating celery as i read this - very alkalizing :) what acidic foods do you eat? i've never heard of the p

Apart from the fact that the pH diet is based on pseudo-science, mushrooms are actually slightly basic, not acidic. Eat them all you like!

@Amberlynn Avery Mushrooms are not plants.


hahahahahha. yes.

as a  vegetarian i do hv variety dishes of mushroom, all mushroom r yummy to me; name it : champignon, enokitake, shiitake, oyster mushroom, ear fungus n snow fungus (white jelly mushroom),

We do!

Yes i do. mushroom are from fungus family.. no animal no plant... but the part of fungus we eat is like the flower of  a plant.. we don't kill the fungus, because they are underground

Llums..i think as same as you, i had doubts if vegans could eat mushrooms because we are cutting the reproduction when we take them from the ground, but yes is like a flower or fruits that give us seeds for a new plants.


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