Who says animals have no feelings? These pictures below broke my heart! Animals do have feelings!

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of course they have feeling.

They understand and express their own feelings better than most people because they are not afraid of this.  I groom dogs for a living.  I see these feelings every day.  Sometimes a see dogs that are not taken care of at home covered in mats and fleas.  They look beaten down and very very sad.  As I groom them, I make them feel good physically and I show them as much love as possible for the few hours we are together.  I start to see a light come into their eyes and they begin to look so very happy.  I don't like to send these dogs back home, but I remind myself I can't save everyone and there are many animals in much worse situations.  

So true, they just express it. Humans can never be that pure.

There are humans that can express compassion and feelings towards another being, wetter it is animal or human. Due to programming from very little, when the parents them selves are programmed with 3D teachings about feelings and also that animals and humans are not equals, children and youth will become like their parents or what media programs them to bee. So yes because of this it is rare to see humans showing love, feelings and compassion to one fellow brother and sister, humans or animal. There are humans who have compassion, feelings and love toward every living soul, no matter if it is human or animal...this people are rare to find but they are among you. I happen to bee one of those...

Yes, you are right Annapurna. Of course there are humans among humans!! And its nice to know that you are one of them :) 

I think sometimes animal doesn't have feelings if you include human as animal , but if you exclude Human in animal category then yes with confidence I can tell you they have feelings .

wonderful Lucius !

of course !

Yes, animals do have feelings and emotions too...

Poor baby!='(


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