Today, like many other days, I'm struggling to emotionally deal with various news reports informing of animal cruelty occurring to live export animals, other instances like dog mistreatment, and other circumstances that involve terrible welfare for defenceless animals. I'm reaching out for support and any advice on how anyone else deals with such realities. I  don't really want to completely shut out news because it does keep me grounded and motivated to fight for animal rights and welfare. But I am sensitive and it does effect my emotional state of mind. Im aware that this struggle is very little compared to animals dying obviously, but at the same time being a human I have to take care of myself. What's everyone else's take?

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Countless ethical vegetarians and vegans grow weary of the long, hard battle ahead in behalf of our planet's other creatures. But hey, when you're going against the tide, you start drowning the moment you stop swimming. 

This is a daily issue for me, as well.  So I do what I can: I donate to rescue groups, I rescue and foster dogs, I write letters in support of animal rights/welfare laws and other letters to protest the mistreatment of animals.  I tell friends and family of urgent cases, but try not to say too much to them for it can be overwhelming.  Yes, there is evil in this world towards animals - lots of it.  We will probably never eradicate the abuse, but we must try.  So to answer your question, I think that it is important to have time when you do NOT think about all of these issues - otherwise it is detrimental to your sanity.  So do things for yourself, and take time to enjoy life.  Perhaps even make a schedule the way you would for school or work - these are the hours I am going to spend trying to change the world, and these are the hours I am going to spend for me.  For if you do not sustain yourself, and try to find happiness, it will be difficult to harness the energy you need to make change for animals.


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