I have had relationships with omnivore guys before but have now been single for 3 years and have done a lot of soul searching and have decided not to date omnivores, I realise I may be alone a long time but rather that than have the upset and resentment of my partner eating meat as I have done before. So my question is if\when I get asked out how do I politely find out if they eat meat and gently let them down if they do?

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You should use vegfriend more to fine like minded people,  talk to them and meet them personally so that you come to know without asking them explicitly. 

Your probably right, I haven't been on here for yonks, back now :)

Dear Ruth,

I am vegan and have only been out with guys who have eaten meat...

Now I don't think that this is an issue as long as they respect your choices, like a loving partner should. The partner that I am with is very accepting and in the past would sometimes ask questions about why I am vegan. This was the key, he came to me first. I made sure to not be pushy and not to make him feel as if he was anything bad. Then one day I watched Cowspiracy, and said that he would be able to understand why I am vegan if he watched that but that he had no obligation to watch it. He went vegan the day he watched it.

Don't give up on dating people who eat meat, and don't expect them to change. Just make sure you're with someone who respects your choices (this is a two way street). I was just lucky enough to find someone who acknowledged the facts and didn't want to take part in eating animal products anymore. (this was many months of being together and nearly a year of knowing each other)

<3 Good luck, kindness is the best root.

That's not always true ! every person is different and have different nature all together.. ! but yes it's not also wrong..sometimes we need to make choice to keep the life simple rather moving on a path where there are more chances of trouble.. !

I can see what your saying, I have been a vegetarian for 17 years (trying to go vegan now) and have been in serious relationships with meat eaters and they were very repectful but I sea!ly hated them eating meat and part of me feels I don't want to start a new relationship with something massive I want the guy to change. I feel as I've got older I just don't want to deal with it, worrying about what he will eat when we are out,thinking about the future and living together etc, I feel I would rather not have the problem!

Yes that was even my point exactly.. keep the life simple with some principals rather struggling with the problems every day or every hour.. ! 

All the best !

Exactly, I need to be with someone who has the same principles and compassion!

I guess there will be a conversation before anyone asks you out. In that you will gt to know if the guys i meat eater or not and you can simply make your move from there. Apparently you will not have to be in denial he will already get the hint and won't ask you out :D

Humankind is not only food bu also knowledge of selfe realisation please enter dharma based life

Why do you need the guy to be vegan too?Not my choise,nor was I displeased too!


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