thousands of calves are ripped away from thier immediatly after they are born.females are kept to be inslaved just like thier  mother's kept pregnant and pumped with hormones until they can no longer produce milk and then they are sent to the slaughter houses.the male calves are immediately killed for veal.

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it's absolutely horrible,.moo cows are beautiful,yet they are treated so badly!eatin,discarded,worn,and raped. :(

They are so beautiful xo I can't wait to adopt some from a rescue. They are intelligent and beyond compassionate. The sounds of a mother cow's grief when her child is taken just rips my soul. 

Yes it haunts me...the sounds made me vegan....

:( Same here xo

100% correct!

100% agreed. In fact, one could argue it's worse- as it contributes to more deaths :/ Also the rape of an entire species and infanticide. 

true,plus it hurts the enviorment too

^ Good point. And a lot of the calves that are torn from their mothers go to the leather industry to be skinned (or to be made into veal)- and both of those industries are also horrific for the environment. It's just one horrendous, cruel cycle.

yes, it's a holocaust!i am more aggressive about it these days.


You and me both, and we should be! They don't have voices, we have an obligation to speak for them xo



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