thousands of calves are ripped away from thier immediatly after they are born.females are kept to be inslaved just like thier  mother's kept pregnant and pumped with hormones until they can no longer produce milk and then they are sent to the slaughter houses.the male calves are immediately killed for veal.

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Same reason I switched myself from vegetarian. Someone put these same facts in my face and I had to decide what to do about it. Great reply.

I look at it the same way.

i understand a person being vegetarian first,but after a certain amount of time passes they should be well aware of the atrocities of the dairy industry.i'm sick of people calling themshleves animal rights activist while wearing animals(mostly on their feet) and using products that are tested on animals or having things like palm oil in it.i'm not some vegan cop ,i promise,i'm a nice person for the most's just frustrating, ive become more aggresive over time and i no longer care about sparing peoples' feelings!

For myself eggs are worse - but I can say about both that I don't see it that bad. Yeah, calves are still ripped form their mother, but my uncle does have cows (he makes so-called "demeter"-milk. it means that the animals have a more normal life without being pushed to give more milk) and a friend of my father has chicken. They really do their job with love and care about the animals. I think that comes with the area I'm living in.

Still, I agree with you (especially by looking at how it's produces in the big industry).
And I feel kinda bad that I can't be a vegan right now (I live with my parents and I can cut eggs and milk when it's not cooked but they wont cook without it and would get mad if I just did everything for my own) and I feel a bit like when I was eating meat. It's the same "I definetely should not do this, but... forget about it" thought that traps me out of make a cut and finally go vegan.


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