Does anybody have any suggestions for dish detergents etc.. that they have found at grocery stores/wal-mart/etc that are cruelty free? the one i was using has been discontinued here in BC and am on the search for another available one if anybody has any suggestions? 

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"Non-toxic home cleaning" - there's a list of cruelty free (or potentially cruelty free) cleaning product substitutes on this site. Might be worth giving some of them a go if you can't find anything suitable.

awesome thanks :) 

I'm not really sure about DISH detergents, but do you have a cruelty free LAUNDY detergent you like? Wal-Mart carries Seventh Generation and Ecos, which both have the leaping bunny :)

i use watkins for laundry detergent, it has literally no chemicals, scents or dyes and works great on cloth diapers :) mostly just looking for like dish detergents and window cleaners etc..

Hmm...Watkins. I'll have to check that out :)
You might check out the Choose Cruelty Free website and FB!
They have a list of cruelty free everything! They'll even mail you a guidebook to keep in your purse for reference during shopping excursions :)

ooh! that's good to know i'd love that. i have a whole bunch of apps on my phone that tell me but they never have all the brands

i found a dish detergent today called echoclean thats chemical free and not tested on animals! they carry it at natures fare not sure if you  have one where you live

I've always wanted to try soapnuts.

me too! i keep reading lots of really great stuff about them

Seventh Generation is really great! So is Method. We just started using Seventh Generation dishwasher detergent and laundry detergent- we love them! The only thing that concerns me with both products is that most products state they are cruelty free but some do not... otherwise those are the best. 


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