Hi All,

Im a new vegetarian and everything was going ok until two days ago. We went out eating and my bfriend ordered fish and when I saw it I really wanted to eat it.....Oh my God!! I didn't have any craving at all until now..... pfff even now writing about it I feel like having sardines or some grilled salmon...... I will not eat it, but its not a nice feeling.... some nice advice on how to distract my taste&mind? :-)   Thanx guys!!

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Sorry, forgot to say that I didnt eat any meat for the last 3 months.

When I crave fish, I think of what I'm looking for in it. I loved and could make perfectly fried salmon. So, it had crispy, fatty skin; it was tender; and it was fatty and oily.

I have crispy, fatty fries or chips; tender mushrooms, tofu, eggs, or squash; and fatty/oily cheese dishes, oil-sautéed asparagus, egg dishes, or other similar things. So if I were craving salmon I'd probably make fries and sautée mushrooms with asparagus (or bake mushrooms with tofu in a marinade).

When I crave a certain non-veggie food, I look for how I can replicate the texture, if I miss it, or the taste, which typically comes from seasonings and sauces. Buffalo cauliflower as a replacement for buffalo chicken is one of my favorites.


Thank you, thats a really good advice. Tofu and specially mushrooms have a similar texture as fish, so I will try that. I dont like cauliflower that much but would love to have the Buffalo brocoli recipe :-)

This is the recipe I use.

I know the feeling. I have eaten meat till i was 15 and i'm a vegetarian for 9+ years now. It doesn't mean i hate the taste of meat. Because honestly, i like the taste of meat. My weakness is chicken. Whenever i crave for chicken (usually when my friends are getting a bucket) I just think about the suffering that these animale/beings have endured and the retribution/karma you'll get for eating Them. I like meat, I just don't eat it out of principle. Why do you want to hurt/eat other sentient beings.. just to fulfil your own appetite? that's just selfish right? So each time you crave for fish. Stop and tell yourself: FUK DON'T B WEAK! LIL PUSSY! Think about it and then you'll realize that it's not worth it. Hope it helps! Greetings from the Netherlands!

Hey Vinh, 

Thanks for ur reply! Actually u are right!! I would be a pussy if I would do it, right? hahahaha Until now Ive been strong, so I will keep it that way. I was just surprised that it came just a bit out of the blue... :-)

hey, ik zie dat je uit nederland komt. haha toevallig. In den haag hebben ze een vegetarische toko waar ze veel namaak vlees/vis verkopen is best lekker. Ik eet dat bijna nooit maar zo nu en dan is het wel lekker. In den haag hebben ze ook een vegetarische slager (dat heet zo) daar verkopen ze ook alles. meestal in amsterdam hebben ze bij de chinese toko's ook veel vegetarisch vlees op basis van kikkererwten of sojabonen.

Vegetarische slager? hahah grappig...  Ik koop wel vleesvervangers bij AH...ze zijn wel lekker,  maar visvervangers heb ik nooit geproefd.... broodje haring? hahah Den Haag is een beetje ver voor mij, ik ga in Amsterdam zoeken :-)  Thanxxx

If you never had the feeling before I believe it might be the body telling there's something lacking in the diet. The same way you get thirsty without water there might be a instinct kicking in to crave for food rich in nutrients that you lack, so I'd check what fish has of importance (maybe omega 3?) and see if you're taking enough in your diet :)


That was exactly my first thought, a bit scary. Im really trying to get all the vitamins and necessary nutrients. I hope that is just a taste thing, but just in case I will check which food contains Omega3 and will eat that for a while to see if it changes.

Hi Matty,
Sometimes when you get these cravings it can mean your body is lacking something. I wonder whether you are deficient in B12, it's a very important vitamin for the nervous symptom and found in oily fish and salmon as well as meat and dairy. You could try a supplement, they're not expensive. Also some cereals are fortified with B12, another good source is yeast extract, marmite.
Joanne :-)

I've been a vegetarian for eight year Im currently in the food and Nutrition business people always ask me why i stop eating meat only if you knew love my V~life Peace to all planteater


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