I am conflicted..I just signed up to get some stickers and leaflets to spread the word about an issue I am concerned with, which is the eating of animals..only problem is that I am getting them through PETA..which is an organization I disliked once I researched  the dirty news about them. ..but does it really matter? I am the only spreading the word and sharing information right? does it matter where it came from honestly if it helps change one person?

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I think it's ok. I have heard there has been a lot of issues about PETA, but so far I think PETA has certainly done a great job on promoting veganism. So why against it if its purpose is for spreading and sharing information for others?

there are numerous comments about PETA and PETA supporters being wrong, hypocritical, etc. I was personally surprised to hear all that because I don't even know much about PETA.

I don't think the criticism is a problem because when we receive criticism, it only helps us to improve and an org like PETA may also need to know what the public doesn't like about them. But like Xiao is also saying, if they are doing some good, then what would be the problem? I think if anyone does anything good, we have to accept it, unless that good only further supports something bad.

What is PETA trying to do? Turn people on to veganism or make people eat more meat and harm animals? If they are trying and succeeding to do good things, then we should support that. There is some suspicion that they don't do their job perfectly such as that they put some animals down in there shelters when the animals have disease or some other reasons. Its not all very clear to me because they have issued responses to that accusation. So it is in the public eye, which is good, but meanwhile, if they do more good than harm, then I think the stickers you get are helping that in fact, not hurting that and causing harm.

I say use the stickers if you are comfortable and/or search orgs which do not make any mistakes that PETA makes. There are some competitors, but who knows if they have some fault that nobody knows about?

The animals need all the help thats on offer,go for it.

I feel your conflict. It is hard to support a cause that at the same time, paints a very negative view of vegans and exploits other causes for it's own. They have a very good message, obscurred by very horrible tactics and policies. It always makes me mad also that people seem to believe all vegans are related to PETA, especially since this organization has not changed anything in response to criticism (aside from taking down the pictures from the underage picture contest for "sexiest vegan" which had parents outraged). I am glad you researched them! Too many stupid people get behind a company without knowing a thing about it *Facepalm* At the end of the day, it's what you're comfortable with, but research other options! Maybe there's a better, local organization you can track down in the meantime.


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